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Pictographics are a graphic that uses pictures and symbols to represent data or ideas. Unlike traditional graphs and charts, pictographs are designed to be easily understood at a glance. While they are often used in infographics, pictographs can also be standalone graphics. This blog post will look at examples of pictographs and how you can use them in your marketing materials. 

What Are Pictographics?

Why Use Pictographs? 

Pictographs are a great way to make complex data more digestible for your audience. When used correctly, pictographs can help readers understand your ideas quickly and easily. Additionally, pictographs can add fun and personality to your otherwise dull data. 

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How to Use Pictographs 

There are endless ways that you can use pictographs in your marketing materials. You can use them to show statistics, compare data sets, or even tell a story. The sky is the limit! To get started, you need a basic understanding of graphic design and Photoshop skills. 

To use pictographs in your infographics, start by finding a picture or symbol representing each data point. For example, if you compare the number of Facebook likes for two different brands, you could use the Facebook logo as a pictograph. Once you have your pictures/symbols, arrange them on the page, making them easy to understand. Add labels and captions, so your audience knows what they’re looking at. 

How to Use Pictographs

You’ll need to get a bit creative if you want to use pictographs as standalone graphics. One way to do this is to create a “day in the life” graphic that uses pictographs to show what someone does on a given day. For example, you could use a suitcase pictograph to represent travel, a telephone pictograph to represent work calls, and a heart pictograph to describe time spent with family and friends. Get creative and have fun with it! 


Pictographs are a great way to add personality and visual interest to your marketing materials. If you’re looking for an easy way to make complex data more digestible for your audience, look no further than the humble pictograph! Thanks for reading, and happy designing!