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best paying jobs in basic industries

The USA’s job market is dynamic, with millions of jobs rolling out every 10 years. Currently, the healthcare, scientific, and technical service sectors are witnessing a proliferation of job roles. But there are great-paying jobs in multiple basic industries. Keep reading to discover the best-paying jobs in basic industries and the salaries associated with them.

Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries

1. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are in high demand in various industries, including energy, manufacturing, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. These professionals apply the principles of physics, chemistry, engineering, and mathematics to create and optimize products and processes involving materials, chemicals, and reactions. The average annual salary of chemical engineers is $94,179.

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2. Paralegal


Paralegals aid legal professionals with creating and organizing legal documents for cases and trials. These professionals perform various tasks, such as planning client correspondence for attorneys and summarizing cases for lawyers. They also conduct case research and archive case documents, among other things. The national average salary of a paralegal professional is $55.228 a year.

3. Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineering Manager

A software engineering manager heads the team responsible for developing software applications. The professional has in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of software engineering, enabling them to manage the development process effectively. The average salary of this professional in the US is $162,830 per year.

4. Data Science Manager

Data Science Manager

Data science managers create and implement procedures to turn raw data into meaningful information. To do this, they use data programming languages and visualization software. Data science managers are required in several industries. The chief ones are computer system design and related services, scientific research and development services, and management of companies and enterprises. The average salary of this professional in the US is between $103,000 to $189,000 a year.

5. Refinery Manager

Refinery Manager

A refinery manager oversees the processes of an oil refinery. They plan, coordinate, and control operations, such as production, maintenance, and safety programs. These senior-level professionals play an important role in the safe and profitable operation of the refinery. The national annual salary of a refinery manager is $97,446.

6. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents sell insurance plans to customers to protect their properties. They also update current policy plans. Their role includes educating customers about different types of insurance so they can make informed decisions about their insurance plans. An insurance sales agent also helps people file insurance claims. The average salary of this professional is $58,509 yearly.

7. Senior UX Designer

Senior UX Designer

Senior UX designers help shape product development through the UX design process. They ensure that designers follow a user-centric approach while creating interfaces. These professionals refine products by conducting user research and collaborating with product managers, engineers, and other parties to create a unified product strategy. The average salary of a senior UX designer is $103,605.

8. Health, Safety, and Environmental Specialist

Health, Safety, and Environmental Specialist

A health, safety, and environmental specialist manages compliance procedures related to workplace health, safety, and environment. Their role is of utmost importance in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction. The specialists implement strategies to prevent accidents and promote a safer working environment. The national salary of people in this role annually is $97,013.

9. Industrial Engineering Technician 

Industrial Engineering Technician 

Industrial engineering technicians help solve issues related to a company’s production procedures or equipment. They provide valuable suggestions to optimize a company’s workflow. Such professionals gauge the effectiveness of current process improvement strategies. To help resolve an organization’s production challenges, they create actionable plans. The annual salary of an industrial engineering technician is $63,655.

10. Internal Audit Manager 

Internal Audit Manager 

An internal audit manager verifies an institution’s operating procedures and financial status through a systematic audit program. They also develop the institution’s annual audit plan. This professional’s role also includes managing the performance of audit assignments and editing reports made by other auditors. Their average salary is $107,817.

11. Geoscientist


A geoscientist studies the physical processes of Earth, its materials, and structures to understand how it is shaped. They perform field studies to collect samples and conduct surveys. Geoscientists also analyze aerial images and gather rock samples to determine the sources of natural resources. The annual average salary of these professionals is $64,143.

12. Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts do research to inform investment strategy and make sound investment decisions for their organization. This role can be company-based or independent. Financial analysts assess financial data, current events, and market developments and create models to enhance future performance. The role is quite data-intensive. Their average national salary is $112,974.

13. Senior Sales Engineer

Senior Sales Engineer

A senior sales engineer is a vital part of an organization’s success. People in this profession assist a firm’s marketing and sales team in structuring efficient deliverables and outputs. To achieve this, they use their technical expertise. A senior sales engineer assesses sales moves and performs statistical data management to produce greater revenue. Their average salary is $101,211.

14. Demand Generation Director

Demand Generation Director

A demand-generation director’s major goal is to create demand-generation strategies aligned with the organization’s objectives. They collaborate with different teams and optimize demand-generation campaigns. These professionals also help generate leads and use analytics to enable the business to achieve its KPIs. Demand generation directors make around $128,046 annually.

15. Veterinarian


A veterinarian’s role is among the most important in the healthcare industry. These professionals treat animals with their medical and technical knowledge. They work in private animal clinics or hospitals and frequently travel to labs, classrooms, zoos, and farms. The median salary of a veterinarian in the US is $103,260.

16. Digital Marketing Director

Digital Marketing Director

Digital marketing directors plan, develop, implement, and maintain a business’s digital marketing strategy. They also guide and train digital marketers on their teams. As part of this role, these professionals measure the ROIs and KPIs that their marketing generates and provide suggestions for improvements. The average salary of digital marketing directors is $101,806.

17. Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotists and prosthetists provide healthcare support in the form of body support appliances. Orthotists manage orthoses or braces, and prosthetists manage prostheses or artificial body parts. The job is expected to grow at a rate of 14.7% in the coming five years. The median salary of these professionals is $77.070.

18. Human Resources Information Systems Manager

Human Resources Information Systems Manager

A human resources information systems (HRIS) manager maintains internal HR systems, applications, and services for an organization with specialized needs. They work with organizations that cannot use a commercially available HRIS system. In addition, an HRIS manager develops custom reports to fulfill a company’s management and staff requirements. The annual salary of these HR professionals is $90,603.

19. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are important professionals in the healthcare domain. They have various responsibilities, from diagnosing an illness to taking care of medical equipment and providing primary care to patients. They can work full-time in a specific hospital or in shifts during the weekends, nights, and holidays. Their median salary is $121,610.

20. Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir Engineer

A reservoir engineer works in the oil and gas industry. They are involved with improving the process of hydrocarbon (oil and gas) extraction from reservoirs. Their extraction processes enhance economic efficiency and recovery rates. The median salary of a reservoir engineer is $167,679 in the US.

21. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers track flights near the airfield using various technologies. They also communicate with pilots to inform them about all the factors that impact landing or takeoff. The average salary of an air traffic controller is $47,375 yearly.

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22. Charted Accountant

Charted Accountant

Chartered accountancy is a prestigious profession with considerable financial stability and opportunities. These professionals offer financial services, such as analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements, and complying with accounting regulations. They also play a big role in organizations’ financial decision-making. CAs are required in finance, banking, government, and consultancy firms. Their average national salary in the US is $60,000 to $88,000.

23. Project Management Office Consultant

Project Management Office Consultant

A project management office consultant or a PMO offers project management office services to a firm. They set project strategies and objectives and develop processes. These individuals oversee various projects at once. PMO consultants provide support and insight to project managers in a firm. The average national salary of these professionals is $177,335.

24. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers advise businesses on employment law, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, etc. They draft contracts, review legal documents, and impart guidance on corporate strategies. These professionals work with organizations in domains like real estate, healthcare technology, and finance. The average annual salary of a corporate lawyer in the US is between $89,000 to $290,000.

25. Clinical Nurse Educator

Clinical Nurse Educator

Clinical nurse educators, or CNEs, educate nurses in a healthcare setting. They work with graduate students and implement a way to evaluate the learning of what they teach nursing students. They also collaborate with nursing course faculty to develop educational methods and evaluation processes. The national average salary of a clinical nurse educator is $111,000.

26. Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists teach, prevent, and assist people with difficulties in speaking or swallowing. They work in nursing homes, public schools, and rehabilitation centers. These professionals majorly assist stroke victims who are trying to speak again and children with stuttering or swallowing issues. The median salary of speech-language pathologists is $84,140.

27. Pharmacist


Pharmacists dispense prescription drugs to patients, inform them about the medications, and advise them on how to use them properly. These professionals also advise other healthcare workers, like physicians, on various crucial aspects of medications. These include the selection, dosage, interactions, and side effects of drugs for treating health issues. The average salary of a pharmacist in the US is $115,311.

Concluding Words

You may now have a general sense of the most coveted roles in various industries. We have covered a majority of domains, from marketing to science to technology and healthcare. Learning about the best-paying jobs in basic industries and their salary potential will help you plan your career and make informed decisions.