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Work Life balance is an exciting concept. It’s something that everyone strives for, but no one defines what it means. For myself and my company, work life balance means enjoying the time you spend with your family and friends while still maintaining a high level of productivity at work. We have achieved this through many different conversations and actions, which we will share with you in this article. If you are interested in acquiring a better work-life fit for yourself or your employees, read on!

Work Life Balance

First, we made a conscious effort to work fewer hours. What does this mean? It means that my employees and I have agreed on an “ideal” number of weekly working hours for the company. These fall in between 40-50 hours per week; it’s more than enough time for us to be productive while still allowing plenty of free time outside of work.

Second, we began having regular conversations about our personal lives at work. For example, when one employee told me her son had just been diagnosed with ADHD, I supported her by telling her how hard parenting can sometimes be without being able to take breaks every once in and while.

Thirdly, my team has found ways to incorporate their passions into their projects to feel more fulfilled by their work. For example, one project was helping a local nonprofit organization develop an app for the children’s hospital in our city. My employees worked together to ensure each child had their own “character” within this app, so it felt personal and connected them better to the story.

The Difference

What has changed since we have worked towards a good balance? We can spend time on what is important to us outside of work-family, friends, or hobbies (or even all three!). When these things are better managed, my employees come into work happier, making me more comfortable! They’re also less likely to take extended leaves from work because they know how much free time they have outside of it.

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What Actions Can You Take?

Work Life Balance

If you want to achieve a better work life balance, start by having conversations about what is essential in your life from the office – at home or with friends and family. Then think about how that can be incorporated into your daily routine, so you don’t feel “missing out” on anything when working. Finally, make sure everyone (including yourself!) has a plan for how they will take time off from work! We’ve achieved a good work-life fit at our company by going through these steps and hope others can too!”


I hope you found this article helpful. I aimed to share my experience and not judge anyone’s work life balance situation or choices. However, it is essential to take a step back from time to time and make sure that your own life outside of work isn’t suffering because of the pressure you put on yourself. It’s okay if you can’t be in two places at one time! If anything, we should all try our best to maintain some semblance of sanity with everything going on around us each day. Life is too short for any other way!