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sales closing techniques

Getting a customer to interact with your business is only half the battle. The end goal is always to convince them to make a purchase. This is exactly what many businesses struggle with. You know that your product or service is good. However, the customer seems to need help finding one or the other reason not to make the purchase. Fortunately, you can win the entire battle by applying the right sales closing techniques to close your sales deals. Learning about them will ensure that you can successfully persuade your prospects to pay as you benefit from the desired sale.

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8 Most Effective Sales Closing Techniques

sales closing techniques

1. Let Buyers Test Your Product, Aka The Puppy Dog Close

This technique is built on the concept of how pet stores can successfully sell puppies. They whether they want it or not. In most instances, the buyer falls in love with the pet and makes up their mind to purchase can do this by allowing the buyer to take the puppy home for a few days and decide on the animal after the testing period ends. The reason for the success of this technique is that it gives the buyer adequate time to decide. They don’t worry about spending their money and then going through the hassle of requesting a refund.

2. Illustrate The Benefits Of Your Service Through Case Studies

Illustrate The Benefits Of Your Service Through Case Studies

Do you wish to drive more B2B sales? One of the best ways to garner the trust of your customers and make them purchase your product is by illustrating its benefits. What better way to do it than through case studies? But there are certain things to keep in mind. Choose case studies relevant to the pain points of your prospects. Your case studies demonstrate how your solution can effectively address their needs. While writing the document, consider the perspective of your customer. Make your case studies compelling by adding customer quotes. Share the entire detail in your case study and not just the benefits that your previous customers achieved. Narrate the entire story that led up to their results.

3. Use Questions To Create Solutions, Aka The Question Close

A trait shared by seasoned salespersons is that they do everything in their power to close a sale the moment a conversion begins. The Question Close technique is an effective strategy used to instill a desire in the prospect to purchase a product/service. Salespersons using this technique ask questions like, “Now that you are familiar with what this product does, do you think that it solves your problem?” If the prospect answers in the affirmative, then congratulations, you just got a sale. If not, you may need to try harder.

4. Letting the Prospect Talk, Aka the 70/30 Rule

Are you rattling off the features and benefits of your product without paying heed to how your prospect is feeling? We know that you want to desperately close this sale. However, you are doing just the opposite! Think about it. If you keep blabbering about how good your product is without knowing the needs, challenges, and wants of your customer, how will you close the deal? In the 70/30 rule, you let your prospect talk the majority (70%) of the time. You talk only 30% of the time. Since you are now fully familiar with what your prospect is looking for, you can ask them good questions and describe how your product solves their problem effectively.

5.   Follow Up Till You Get A Response, Aka Sales Follow-Up

Sales follow-up refers to every single interaction made with the prospect after the first contact. This can take the form of follow-up emails, phone calls, or sending messages on whichever platform your prospect reached out to you from. Sales follow-up is an effective alternative to continuous rambling about a product. Successful salespersons follow a simple rule: keep following until you get a definite response (yes/no). For example, say your prospect has become knowledgeable about your service. But they still need some time, maybe a week, to make the final decision. In this case, you must keep following up with them in any form till you get a response.

6.   Weigh The Pros and Cons, Aka the Ben Franklin Close

Weigh The Pros and Cons, Aka the Ben Franklin Close

Writing pros and cons may not be ideal for every situation in life. But when it comes to closing a sales deal. At first glance, you may be puzzled about giving the cons of your product to your prospect. However, listing them does the opposite of scaring your prospect away. By giving out the pros and cons, you are providing your prospects with unbiased information to make informative decisions. Your help and expertise allow them to make a sound decision with ease and efficiency.

7.   Make A Short-Term Offer, Aka The Now-or-Never Close

The now-or-never close creates a sense of urgency through a one-off deal, available only for a limited time. The technique goes like this:

  • You make an offer, but it is short-term to the extent that your prospect does not have any other option than choosing you. They cannot come back tomorrow as the price would have increased.
  • The technique creates the scenario of the last day of the sale. If your prospect has less time to research other alternatives, they will likely give in to buying from you.

8. Summarize Things That Your Prospects Want, Aka The Summary Close

In this technique, you reiterate what your prospect wants and then create the result they desire. After that, you ask for the same. The summary close works so well because you narrate back to your customers what they want to achieve. Then you give them the exact way by which your product or service helps them accomplish that. Once you’ve hit this mark, just ask for the sale. However, much research goes into successfully executing this technique. You need to research your prospect’s pain points and challenges or the positive outcome they wish to achieve. While interacting with your customers, you do not just ramble about the features and benefits of the product. Instead, you summarize the problems they are facing and present your product as the solution. 

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Wrapping Up

Mastering effective sales closing techniques helps you successfully convert prospects into paying customers. Strategies like allowing buyers to test products, highlighting the benefits through case studies, and question-based approaches can help you close significantly more deals. The foundation of closing deals rests on understanding the needs of your prospects and providing tailored solutions that adequately fulfill them.