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Have you ever left your iPhone on overnight and woken up to an almost dead battery? This happens because apps running in the background are draining power. Closing them every night will help conserve energy, increase iphone productivity, and protect your device from crashing or freezing. In this article, we’ll discuss these benefits and what could happen if you do not close your apps at night. 

iphone productivity

What Could Happen if You Do Not Close Your Apps Every Night? 

  • If you constantly leave apps open on your screen, they continue to run whether the app needs them or not—continuing to drain unnecessary power. Eventually, this would cause either a crash or freeze, leading to less work.
  • Apps are designed to function when they are open and in use, but this does not mean that all of the app’s processes stop running once closed or minimized. This means that apps continue to run even after you’ve left them through other tasks on your phone (such as checking email), which could lead to a power drain over time from excessive usage. 
  • If an app thinks there has been no activity coming from the device for too long, it will close itself, requiring more time to open up again should you want to do anything with it in the future. The needlessly added strain can also cause crashes or freezes. These apps have already done their work while used before and now continue doing things without any user input, leading to a power drain over time.

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Benefits of Closing Your iPhone Apps at Night 

iphone productivity
  • Increased iPhone productivity by conserving energy. This will help you get more done during daylight hours when the sun is out, and your phone’s battery can last for an entire day without being charged.
  • It protects your device from crashing or freezing because apps running in the background are draining power, which could lead to it powering off unexpectedly while you’re using it. 
  • It keeps your device from being hacked by malicious software that can take control of key system functions and hijack data without user knowledge or consent. 
  • Reduces stress on your phone by not leaving apps open all night long and constantly trying out new features, when they come up instead of focusing on one task at a time. These tasks drain unnecessary energy over time, which means less work done during daylight hours with more frequent crashes/freezes and an increased risk of getting an infection if left unchecked.


We hope you found this post useful! Here are the three main points we wanted to get across. First, closing your iPhone apps every night will increase iPhone productivity and protect your device from slowing down. Second, if you want to take advantage of all that multitasking without running into any battery life issues or performance, follow these steps for effective app management when using an iPhone. And third, by following a few simple tips like those mentioned in this blog post – people can use their iPhones more effectively throughout the day while also protecting their devices during sleep time. If, after reading our article, you have questions about optimizing your phone’s settings, please comment below or contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.