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what is a dia

Today, access to the internet has become more crucial than ever. So, getting a reliable and suitable service that meets your needs is imperative. If you are a business owner, you might be aware of various types of connections available. DIA, or dedicated internet access, is one of them. However, there’s still much confusion over it and other connections, especially the broadband. In this post, we will give you a detailed explanation of what is a DIA and whether it is right for your needs.

Understanding What is a DIA(Dedicated Internet Access)

True to its name, DIA is an internet connection dedicated to your business. This high-speed connection is also exceptionally secure. To provide reliable internet access, DIA uses fiber-optic internet. Consequently, it is ideal for businesses that require the sharing or transferring of large files. DIA networks are specially designed to make way for strong delivery infrastructure and better availability. DIA is also suitable for businesses that host many virtual events and handle huge communication online.

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What Is The Difference Between DIA And Broadband?

What Is The Difference Between DIA And Broadband?

DIA is an exclusively dedicated connection to a user or a business. On the other hand, a broadband connection is shared among many. Broadband is also high-speed and is delivered over cable or digital subscriber line (DSL) besides fiber-optic.

So, where does the difference between both lie? The table below will help you understand how they differ.

Point of DifferenceDIABroadband
SpeedDIA offers a greater speed of up to 10 Gbps. It offers balanced download and upload speeds.Broadband connections have speeds ranging from Mbps to Gbps. These connections prioritize download speeds.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)More stringent SLAs. DIA connections provide guaranteed uptime and response timesSLAs are not as stringent; primarily, the providers cater to regular users.
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)The average response time to address issues for a DIA is 4 hours or less.Broadband connections take a longer time to address problems if they arise.
ScalabilityDIA connections offer ease of upgrade to higher bandwidths.Broadband connections cannot be upgraded to higher bandwidths in the face of increasing data needs.
SecurityDIA connections are highly secure and often equipped with supplemental firewalls and monitoring options.The security of broadband connections is not as strong as that of a DIA.
CostDIA connections are expensive as they are dedicated to a business or an individual.Broadband connections are affordable as they are designed for the average person.

Who Can Benefit From DIA?

DIA is suitable for those businesses that perform most of their critical operations online. Some major examples include online gaming and omnichannel retailers. For them, a DIA connection is critical to provide good customer experiences. Other examples include call centers with phone systems based on the cloud.

In simple words, DIA is suitable for all businesses whose daily online operations consume high bandwidth. Businesses working remotely or those with a huge workforce working from home also benefit from DIA. It provides the necessary bandwidth to support video conferencing and big data transfers.

Today, with cybercrimes on the rise, almost every medium to big-sized business is switching to DIA. The security offered by DIA is simply unmatched. It makes it perfect for handling sensitive data.

Choosing a DIA Provider

Choosing a DIA Provider

By now, you must understand dedicated internet access well. If you feel like you fall in the category of those who can benefit from this connection, the next step is to choose a DIA provider. There isn’t a single answer to this question. Many good broadband service providers also offer DIA. Chief among them are providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Spectrum. All of them are popular names in the world of broadband internet connection. Besides, some specialize in providing high-bandwidth services. These include names like Crown Castle and Zayo.

Rapidly scaling business enterprises can hugely benefit from these dedicated DIA connection providers. Still, to find the best one for yourself, you need to consider your location. You can inquire about the pricing of DIA from providers near your location according to your bandwidth needs. But it is best to get a list of prices from at least three to four providers. It will allow for a better comparison of the cost.

You must assess the cost of the service based on several factors. These include transport, whether it is fiber or copper, SLA, installation time, and speed. In technologies using copper networks, such as T1, T3, or EoC, network availability reduces with the increase in distance. On the other hand, fiber remains untouched by the impact of distance.

Are There Any Drawbacks Of DIA?

Are There Any Drawbacks Of DIA?

For many large businesses, DIA is the ideal choice of connection. However, it doesn’t mean that it is completely without any drawbacks.

1. Higher Cost

The price of DIA is approximately $1000 monthly. Although the exact cost varies according to the location and the provider, DIA connections are costlier than others. It is largely due to their features, such as high speed, better customer support, and security.

2. Complex Installation Process

Installation of a DIA connection takes a very long time. This is because it demands the configuration of special equipment and provisioning. On average, the installation takes anywhere from 20 days to more than a month.

3. Term of Contract

DIA connections bound the user up for a period of two to three years. This is mainly because of the configuration and installation of this type of connection. Barring a few providers like Pilot Fiber, the contract terms of a DIA connection are not flexible.

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Summing up

Dedicated internet connections certainly offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. They make your internet connection stronger and more efficient. Any sudden problems are addressed proactively with minimal downtime. However, choosing this type of internet connection is best done after properly considering your current business needs. You must also factor in your budget as well as the time it will take to get the connection up and running.