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America's 12 Best Black-Owned Winery in 2024

Do you live in the US but have yet to hear about a Black owned winery? You aren’t alone. There are over 11,000 wineries in America, but Black-owned ones are extremely few. These wineries are centers of the finest wines, but few are aware of them. The businesses work tirelessly to reinvent the wine scene and advance marginalized communities, and so they deserve much-needed appreciation. In this blog, we’ll list the best wineries owned by ambitious Black entrepreneurs across the US.

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Top 12 Black-Owned Winery

1. Theopolis Vineyard (California)

Theopolis Vineyard

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Theopolis Vineyard is an award-winning, Black-owned winery in Yorkville. Founded by Theodora R. Lee, aka Theo-Patra, it has been in business since 2003 and today has a reputation for offering the finest wines in America. Customers consider Theopolis the best place for richly flavorful Petite Sirah and Rosé Petite Sirah, Symphony white wine, and Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley. This boutique winery in Yorkville Highlands is also famous for its inaugural 2006 harvest, which wine critic Robert Parker awarded 94-96 points for.

2. Alexis George Wines (California)

Alexis George Wines

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George Brown opened Alexis George Wines in 2013. It’s a family-owned wine company in California. George worked for renowned hotel brands and became interested in wine and spirits early on. This Black owned winery provides high-quality wines like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noire, among others. The winemaker produces the wines from grapes sourced from premium regions throughout California. This winery holds certification as a minority-owned business, owned by African Americans. It donates a portion of its proceeds to create grants and scholarships for students in marginalized communities.

3. Coronado Vineyards (Arizona)

Coronado Vineyards

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Coronado Vineyards sits nestled between Mt. Graham and Dos Cabezas mountains in the Coronado National Forest. It offers an amazing wine-tasting experience for those with bold, strong, spicy, light, and delicate palates. This Black-owned winery is famous for its estate wines like Sangiovese, Syrah, and Malbec. In 2005, Coronado Vineyards planted the first vines. Today, the place earns recognition for crafting Arizona’s finest wines. You can enjoy wines and appetizers with your loved one in its tasting room, gift shop, and El Pinito vineyard. Coronado Vineyards welcomes guests all seven days a week to enjoy wines and tapas.

4. Chapelton Vineyards and Winery (Texas)

Chapelton Vineyards and Winery

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Chapelton Vineyards was established in 2022. The luxurious wine-tasting and event spot is known for its location in the historic town of Washington. Owned by Michelle and Kurt Lyn, this black-owned winery offers an array of wines sourced from California, Uruguay, Argentina, and their grapes. You can find its wines at many retailers and restaurants in Houston. The tasting room also offers winery tours and the opportunity to explore the production facility. The shop closes on Tuesday and operates from Monday to Friday, opening from 11 AM to 6 PM.

5. Darjean Jones Vines (California)

Darjean Jones Vines

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Darjean Jones Vines is a Black female-owned family winery. It specializes in boutique wines from the most well-known growing regions in California. The wines here imbibe the essence of California vintage with a unique character. The artisan winemaking is behind the production of the most glorious wines here. Some noteworthy mentions include the 2022 Dawna California Rose, the 2018 Cabernet Franc Napa Valley, and the 2015 Cabernet Franc Napa Valley. Owner Dawna Dajean Jones has a Ph.D. in plant pathology and a B.Sc. in plant science. This wine shop also has a wine club whose members receive specific bottles of wines shipped two to three times a year.

6. Gotham Winery (New York)

Gotham Winery

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Gotham Winery is New York’s first black-owned winery. Kwaw Amos owns it and aims to create wines that appeal to modern consumers. The wines here embody the value of sustainability. The winemakers source wines from biodynamic growers, and the vintage collection is created using renewable energy sources. Some of the best-selling wines here include Traveler-Sauv Blanc, Couture Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Merlot. The Oson Series of Gotham Winery is a collection of premium red wines that celebrate West African heritage.

7. Mermosa (Florida)


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Mermosa’s roots go back to the late 1700s. It was the result of a love story between a Black Haitian woman, Celestine, and a White French gardener, Philippe Noisette. Philippe was so devoted to his wife that he kept her and her children out of the slave trade in Antebellum, South Carolina. Desiree Noisette founded the winery, which is now known as Mermosa. Mermosa is the first Black female-owned wine brand in Florida. Its wine collection includes Mermosa Bubbles, made using premium white wine and natural orange and pineapple juices, and Mersecco Blanc de Blancs, made using premium carbonated white wine. Mermosa Bubbles is an award-winning wine that’s loved for its refreshing yet not-too-sweet finish.

8. Lovelee Wines (New Jersey)

Lovelee Wines

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Lovelee Wines, New Jersey’s top black-owned winery, is owned by Ammira Garba. She is a marketing executive turned award-winning winemaker from Orange, New Jersey. Lovelee Wines opened in 2016 to be an example for black women who desire to flourish in the wine industry. In 2021, Lovelee Wines earned the Wine Brand of the Year Award and stood out as the only black-owned brand on the list of the top 50 wines of 2021. Some of the best-selling wines here include Pinot Noir and Blend Rose.

9. Corner 103 (Napa Street)

Corner 103

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Corner 103, established by Lloyd Davis, is a result of his desire to share his enthusiasm for wine, food, and the Sonoma Valley lifestyle. This winery celebrates the local bounty through its award-winning beverages. The founder wants his guests to learn all aspects of wine in a comfortable environment. He also wants people to know the right way of pairing wine with food. Corner 103 has made its reputation as a great wine expert in Napa Street. It is a must-visit place for everyone coming to the Sonoma Valley.

10. J. Moss Winery (Napa Valley)

J. Moss Winery

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J. Moss Winery was founded by James Moss. He has years of experience in wine-making and is familiar with the minute details of the process. J. Moss Winery made its first barrel from Merlot in 2000. James worked with Mark Jessup and Robert Mondavi. The winery officially opened in 2010 in Wine Crusher District. Every bottle of wine here is handcrafted and reflects their vintages from the top appellations in the Napa Valley. Some limited-production boutique Napa Valley wines include the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Howell Mountain, Coombsville, and Rutherford.

11. Stony Wines (Oregon)

Stony Wines

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Donna Stony founded Stony Wines, Oregon’s famous Black-owned winery. She has 16 years of experience in the wine industry. The store launched in September 2019 to build community and give back to society. Some of its proceeds support programs for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Some of its best-selling wines include Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Riesling.

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12. Bodkin Wines (California)

Bodkin Wines

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Founded by the wine legend Chris Christensen, Bodkin Wines is an award-winning Black-owned winery. It has been disrupting the sparkling wine landscape in America since 2012. Christensen is known for his high-acid, low-alcohol wines. In the past eight years, his wines have received two dozen 90+ point scores in critical reviews, an impressive achievement. You can try his most famous Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc or join the wine club to avail of 20% discounts on your purchases.

Concluding Words

Explore one of these Black-owned wineries near you for the most satisfying experience. They offer quality wines that’ll leave you in awe. You can also become a member of the wine club in these places. These wineries perfectly showcase the passion and innovation of budding and experienced winemakers.