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Black Owned Restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the US. Like its vibrant nightlife, it also has a thriving culinary scene, much of which is in part due to the numerous black-owned restaurants in Las Vegas. Whether you are a local or a tourist, these restaurants are sure to delight your senses through their eclectic mix of food. Let’s dive straight into some of the best black-owned eating and drinking establishments in Las Vegas.

Top 10 Black-Owned Restaurants in Las Vegas

1. Eat 


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Eat is one of the most happening breakfast and lunch joints in Las Vegas. Founded by Natalie Young, eat. offers comfort cuisine to one and all. It is at the corner of Carson and 7th Streets and goes by a simple philosophy; to have people eat locally sourced, fresh food in a joyful environment. The joint’s delicacies like grilled cheese and tomato soup, truffled egg sandwich, and black bean veggie chill have garnered much publicity.

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2. Classic Jewel

Classic Jewel

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Classic Jewel is a cozy cocktail lounge in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. It has the ambiance of yesteryear, making guests feel like they have been transported to the Vegas glamour of the 1950s. The lounge hosts live entertainment, which makes the drinking experience more memorable. Classic Jewel is the brainchild of a team of Las Vegas residents who, through the establishment, aim to reclaim the history of the Downtown area. This lounge is the ultimate destination for night outs in Vegas.

3. DW Bistro

DW Bistro

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DW Bistro offers a unique mix of New Mexican and Jamaican cuisines in Las Vegas. It has been serving locals and tourists for 12 years. The restaurant was owned by Bryce Krausman and Chef Dalton Wilson in 2000. Both shared two common views. One was the absence of an eatery for people to merrily eat and drink together. The other was the absence of a happening brunch spot. DW Bistro has filled these gaps. It’s a place for friends and family to enjoy meals in a comfortable space. The restaurant offers a weekday menu, happy hour, cocktail menu, and weekend brunch menu.

4. Braud’s Funnel Cake Cafe

Braud’s Funnel Cake Cafe

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Braud’s Funnel Cake Café is a family-owned business established in 2006. The café came about as a result of the family’s realization that there were indeed very few places in Las Vegas offering funnel cakes. Initially, they ran the cake business along with their full-time jobs but soon left them to take the business to the next level. Braud’s has since achieved massive success and now serves big names like Cosmopolitan, Station Casinos, and Boyd Gaming, among others. the café offers an assortment of funnel cakes. Some of the most loved items include the Big Apple, bacon me crazy, Barbie Blast, and Billion Dollar Banana, among others.

5. Gritz Café

Gritz Café

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Gritz Café is a soul food restaurant that is frequented by patrons of southern-style food. It came into being in 2008 with a vision to brighten the image of a soul food restaurant in Las Vegas. A characteristic feature is that it brought dishes named after South American states like Carolina, Florida, and Georgia among the breakfast and lunch crowd. Some of its popular delicacies are crispy chicken fried steak, fried whole chicken wings, catfish fillets, and turkey chops.

6. Simply Pure

Simply Pure

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If you follow a vegan lifestyle, Simply Pure by chef Stacey Dougan should be a must-visit place for you. The chefs here excel in preparing raw and cooked vegan food as well as a fusion between the two. It also has a food truck that serves plant-based delights to all those craving something sweet. The restaurant meticulously chooses fresh and locally sourced ingredients to create every item on its menu.

7. House of Dutch Pot

House of Dutch Pot

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House of Dutch Pot, owned by chef Oneil Smith serves people with a single rule. It is that the food and the atmosphere should be immaculate. To give a spotless experience to customers, he imports spices from Jamaica and whips up delicious food items from scratch. You can find many authentic dishes in a variety of flavors. Some of the top options here are cord fish fritters, curried goat and roti, curried chicken, fried chicken, and steamed whole fish with okra. Smith started by making jerk chicken and fish outside his garage in New York. It was something he enjoyed, but he soon found out that people enjoyed what he prepared. So, he headed to Las Vegas and opened this beautiful Caribbean restaurant.

8. Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs

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As the name suggests, Buldogis is a popular Asian food restaurant renowned for its gourmet hot dogs. You can taste the best Korean fusion-style food in Las Vegas upon visiting this place. From beef bulgogi to special roast pork belly, pork bulgogi, and homemade beef chilly, hot dogs of every variety can be found here. The owners, Chef Boyzie and Mi Sun have done a wonderful job of incorporating Asian influence into American food. The hot dogs here are 100% quarter-pound premium beef dogs. They have no fillers and are topped with top-quality fresh products.

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9. Sin City Seafood

Sin City Seafood

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Sin City Seafood is a kitchen + lounge that serves Las Vegas with the most delicious seafood. The establishment strives to visit with guests memorable with a unique blend of food and entertainment. The mouth-watering seafood delicacies on its menu, combined with top-notch entertainment are loved by anyone and everyone in Las Vegas. Sin City Seafood is frequented by celebrities, locals, VIPs, and tourists alike. The kitchen + lounge never fails to offer a premier dining experience to every guest.

10. Yourway Breakfast + Lunch

Yourway Breakfast + Lunch

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Yourway Breakfast + Lunch is a black, family-owned breakfast and lunch spot offering high-quality food at affordable prices. Guests are served meals in a cheerful ambiance and leave the restaurant with a smile on their faces. It was founded by the realization of the need to have a locally-owned eatery in the neighborhood. With an exotic mix of entrees and sides, Yourway Breakfast + Lunch welcomes everyone with open arms.

Final Words

In the bustling food landscape of Las Vegas, these black-owned restaurants have garnered much praise for their unique flavors and vibrant atmospheres. From comforting soul food to unique fusion cuisine, every eatery offers a distinct dining experience. The food reflects the diversity and creativity of its owners. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these eateries will surely give you a memorable experience.