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12 Black-owned Restaurants In Baltimore

Baltimore is a great place to begin your culinary adventure. Its food scene is heavily influenced by the African American culture. These restaurants are a crucial part of the city’s economy. Over the past ten years, several Black-owned restaurants have cropped up, which is a great development. From vegan dishes to classic soul food and decadent desserts, Black-owned restaurants in Baltimore serve it all. Keep reading to discover 12 of the best such restaurants.

Best 12 Black Owned Restaurants In Baltimore

1. Dovecote Café

Dovecote Café

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Dovecote Café is located in the predominantly Black Reservoir Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. The café perfectly reflects the welcoming ambiance of this neighborhood. Dovecote is pronounced as Duhv-kohl. It means a medieval birdhouse. Dovecote also means a place where a harmonious group settles. True to its name, the café is a community-based hub and food oasis. It offers a curated mix of handcrafted food and drinks.

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2. Terra Café

Terra Café

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Terra Café, opened in 2009, provides meals cooked from scratch on the premises of the café. It endeavors to offer the finest dining experience. To this end, it meticulously chooses the best ingredients. The café offers catering, and you can also host special events on its premises. It serves a diverse menu, which has something for everyone. Enjoy mouth-watering sweet potato fries and beef wraps, or grab one of their delicious vegan brunch balls. Not only that, but the place also offers plant-based proteins for sandwiches and wraps.

3. Creole Soul Restaurant

Creole Soul Restaurant

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Creole Soul Restaurant is located in R. House in Baltimore. It provides catering for private events like business lunches, weddings, and cocktail receptions. The restaurant sources the freshest ingredients from the local farmers’ market to offer the best quality food. The chief chef, Shunquita or ‘Chef Que’ Neal was a former US Navy Chief Logistics and Counsellor. Inspired by the meals of her grandmother and mother-in-law, she pours her passion for cooking into every dish. Two signature dishes of Creole Soul Restaurant are Mamie’s Shrimp & Grits and aromatic seafood gumbo.

4. Greenhouse Juice Café

Greenhouse Juice Café

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Greenhouse Juice Café is a vegan’s heaven when it comes to food. The restaurant, established in 2012 has quickly become the number one destination for healthy meals for so many people in Baltimore. The café serves freshly made smoothies, juice, wraps, salads, and cleanses. The menu features items like barbecue ribs, fish filet, and macaroni salad. The pride of the café is its fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. Greenhouse Juice Café desires to make quality and tasty vegan food accessible.

5. Magdalena


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Magdalena is a fusion of French, English, and the Chesapeake Bay region. Influences. The menu is inspired by the French dishes with the comforts of England. The restaurant maintains close relationships with purveyors and local farmers. Other things worth mentioning include an exciting cocktail program, a revered whiskey collection, and a Wine Spectator-awarded wine list. The restaurant caters to private and group dining and accepts reservations.

6. Hoodfellas Bistro & Catering

Hoodfellas Bistro & Catering

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Hoodfellas Bistro & Catering is a black-owned restaurant in Baltimore that serves American cuisine. The restaurant opened its doors in 2009 with the aim of serving customers specialty food that feeds the soul. The restaurant is founded upon a passion for cooking and serving food to loved ones. Now, it caters to the entire metropolitan area of Baltimore. It aims to grow into many more communities nationwide. Hoodfellas Bistro & Catering offers a rich selection of food, drinks, and specialty foods. It offers appetizers, and salads accompanied by croutons, specialty cocktails, shooters, and so much more.

7. The Urban Oyster

The Urban Oyster

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The Urban Oyster is the female and Black-owned oyster bar in Baltimore and the whole of Maryland. The place is known for its seafood dishes, such as Chargrilled oysters. The bar sprang out of the owner and Executive Chef Jasmine’s passion for food. She wants to introduce oysters to family, friends, and peers who are apprehensive about the texture of this raw seafood. The bar has been called the best raw bar by the Baltimore Magazine. Besides Jasmine, Chef Malcolm Sizer is a name worth mentioning when it comes to The Urban Oyster. He brings rustic cuisine to Baltimore with his farm-to-table style. The Urban Oyster offers starters like Devilled Eggs, soups and salads like their award-winning cream of crab, and entrees like oxtail lasagna.

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8. Connie’s Chicken & Waffles

Connie’s Chicken & Waffles

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Situated inside the Lexington Market Connie’s Chicken & Waffles is a long-standing restaurant that has been serving the residents of Baltimore. The restaurant has quite a few branches, making their presence al-pervasive in this area. The star of their menu is the high-quality chicken. The chefs here can serve chicken with endless types of waffles. Whether you want red velvet, cinnamon, or the classic buttermilk, Connie’s Chicken & Waffles won’t disappoint!

9. Teavolve Café

Teavolve Café

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Teavolve Café in Baltimore redefines the American café culture. It has a soothing ambiance and an array of great food options. The place is especially known for a great variety of loose-leaf teas and locally roasted coffee. Teavolve Café is always brimming with activity. Some popular items on its menu include honey-roasted granola parfait, egg dishes, and their signature blackened salmon tacos, chicken and waffles, and croissants.



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Would you want to try a variety of American classics? The BLK restaurant of the Outkrowd group is a place that will give you such unique and amazing food. The ‘New American’ menu of this place is curated by Saon Brice, an award-winning Executive Chef. This place also has resident DJs like DJ Impulse and DJ P-Drama. So, while you are enjoying grilled jumbo shrimp, Korean barbecue cauliflower spicy pepperoni, and hot honey pizza, the background will be filled with creative soundtracks. This restaurant has been featured in various magazines and daily newspapers like the Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore Business Journal, and Black Business Review.

11. Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread

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Breaking Bread is an ideal place to enjoy great food and have memorable conversations. It began in April 2014 by Kimberly Ellis. Her desire to feed both the bellies and spirits of people made her embark on this journey. This restaurant sources fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets. It has a delectable breakfast/brunch menu consisting of English muffins, three-egg omelets, pancakes, and French toast. The place has been recognized as the number 1 family restaurant in Maryland by the Food Network.

12. Thelma Jean’s Southern-Style Cooking

Thelma Jean’s Southern-Style Cooking

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This restaurant in Sherwood Road specializes in soul foods, such as homemade bread, barbecue chicken, and rice and banana puddings. Its breakfast, lunch, and dinner options give you an authentic taste of Southern cuisine. Besides, the place is also known for warm hospitality. It is open from 12 PM to 8 PM from Tuesday to Saturday and from 12 PM to 5 PM on Sunday. Some of the best southern home-style foods here are crab cake, baked catfish, barbecue chicken breast, and grilled salmon.

Final Thoughts

Baltimore, has a rich and diverse culinary landscape, thanks to the emergence of various Black-owned restaurants. Guests get to experience diverse and authentic dining experiences. From the community-centered ambiance of Dovecote Café to the soulful delicacies of Thelma Jean’s Southern-Style Cooking, every restaurant reflects a passion for African-American food and culture. Besides treating your taste buds, these restaurants and cafes contribute immensely to the city’s economy. Thus, it makes them crucial tenets of Baltimore’s dining scene.