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Smoked Cocktails

What are Smoked Cocktails?

The smoked cocktails are admired and loved by people who always want to have some delectable drinking options on their table. The smoked cocktails are delicious, with flavors of liquid drink and infused together in a perfectly balanced manner. The drink’s flavor and smoke are enhanced with the time they are allowed to stand together. 

Whiskey is the most common cocktail that is offered as smoked. The aging process of whiskey, including rye and bourbon, imparts the aroma of oak or wooden bark as it occurs in charred oak barrels. The common process of smoking your cocktail is burning, which may include burning wood chips, nuts, whole spices, and woody herbs such as rosemary. 

In addition to whiskey, people also popularly smoke cocktails that include pineapple as one of their ingredients, imparting a wonderful taste to the drink. Bars across the United States employ various methods to smoke these drinks, including the use of smoking guns, smoking planks, smoking chambers, simple torching of herbs or spices, and the latest innovation, the smoke top, to enhance the flavor of the cocktail.

A smoked cocktail can add depth and complexity to the drink while enhancing the excitement and thought-provoking in the people consuming it. These smoked drinks are incomparable with hearty dishes such as steaks and roasted vegetables.     

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List of the Best Smoked Cocktails You Should Try

The smoked cocktails have the potential to captivate you and your guests while relishing the flavors of the drink. Some of the cocktail drinks that taste best when smoked include 

1. Smoked Cherry Old-Fashioned Cocktail

Fresh cherries are smoked to make some simple syrup combined with bitter and campfire whiskey. Consequently, this will give you the most tantalizing after-dinner drink that adds flavor to your taste buds. Moreover, adding different types of wood chips will add a little complexity to the simple solution.

2. Rum and Smoke

This delicious cocktail combines aged rum, sherry, and Tempus Fugit Classico bitter liqueur. In addition to the burnt rosemary sprig, this cocktail also consists of smoked rosemary simple syrup. Smoke adds to the flavor and complements the other components of the cocktail.  

3. Smoked Blood Mary

This cocktail includes fresh tomato juice, lemon, vodka, horseradish, and Worcestershire sauce. In addition, delectable smoked bacon adds extra flavor to your drink. 

4. Dragon’s Breath Cocktail

This cocktail is prepared by blending bourbon, St-Germain, Cointreau, and smoked simple syrup. An inverted brandy snifter filled with mesquite smoke provides an authentic smoky flavor to your drink.      

5. Hazy Sunset

This cocktail is considered one of the favorite drinks to be sipped at a beach. It contains two rums of different flavors: pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and some bitterness, along with the smoked ice that adds to the smoky appeal of your beverage. The flavor tends to change over time as two different types of rum are used in the drink.

6. Smoked Manhattan

Manhattan whiskey is commonly prepared using rye whiskey and sweet vermouth for extra sweetness. The recipe to prepare smoked Manhattan doesn’t require a smoke gun. Therefore, it can also be prepared from the vicinity of your kitchen. 

To prepare the drink, ignite some smoked chips on a plate using a simple kitchen torch, and add citrus peel or herbs for additional aroma. Subsequently, the cocktail glass is placed over the fire, and the smoke gets completely trapped and infused in the drink to make a perfectly delectable cocktail everyone craves.

7. Spicy Smoked Old Fashioned

To prepare this recipe, you must have Hella bitters smoked chili bitters that complement well with bourbon. Light a cinnamon stick on fire to infuse the smoke and cover it with a glass for the drink. Pour the drink over a large ice cube once the glass completely traps the smoke. The flavors will fuse slowly as the drink is poured over ice while the cocktail becomes sweeter.    

8. Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita

The smoky component of mezcal complements the sweet orange liqueur and apple cider beautifully. A maple syrup kiss completes the transaction. The pineapple and sage are mixed to help the flavors get to know one another. The glass also receives a sugar and cinnamon rim as part of the offerings. 

The optional smoking cinnamon stick is the finishing touch that will make no effort to avoid doing so, leaving your visitors speechless.  

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The smoked cocktail drinks are loved by people for their flavor and authenticity. Given that whiskey is the best alcohol to use, they are ideal for whiskey lovers.

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