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Burger King Salads

Burger King is a multinational America-based chain of hamburger fast food restaurants with headquarters based in Miami-Dade County, Florida. In 1953, Insta-Burger King laid the foundation for the company. However, following a financial crisis, two franchisees based in Miami took over and rebranded it as “Burger King.” The company gradually expanded its menu from burgers to French fries, soda, milkshakes, and other diverse products. In 1957, Burger King added the “Whopper,” a signature food item, to its menu. With changing times and people becoming more conscious about their health and weight, doctors have recommended increasing the intake of fresh, green vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. To remain in the competition and fulfill the customers’ demands, Burger King has also started serving different Burger King salads on their menu list.

Since 1990, Burger King has been serving different packaged salad options after a licensing agreement with one of the salad dressing companies, i.e., Newman’s Own. Again, in 2004, they started to serve warm grilled meats separated from the cold items and accompanied by Ken’s dressings.

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Options Available in Burger King Salads

Mainly, two salad options are available on the Burger King menu, including ‘Side Garden Salad’ and ‘Crispy Chicken Garden Salad.’

Mixed lettuces, juicy tomatoes, home-style croutons, a three-cheese mix, and your choice of salad dressing, such as Ken’s salad dressing, Ranch dressing, light honey balsamic dressing, and Italian dressing, load the Side Garden salad.

The Crispy Chicken salad is loaded with crispy and green romaine, green leaf, radicchio lettuces, juicy and red tomatoes, butter garlic croutons, and shredded cheddar cheese, served along with breaded chicken breast. Along with this, there are multiple options for salad dressing, including ranch dressing, light honey balsamic dressing, and Italian dressing.

The price tag on any food items served at Burger King depends on the location where it is served. For Burger King, there are no consistent price tags, and they vary according to the place and outlet they serve.

Calories in Burger King Salads

Calories in Burger King Salads

The salads served at Burger King are high in nutrients and healthy while eating. You can also customize your salads and make them much healthier by removing the cheese and croutons and using low-fat dressings. You can also opt for the grilled chicken instead of the crispy fried one for a healthier option.

When consuming the salad with chicken, croutons, and creamy Caesar dressing, you obtain 390 calories, 26 grams of fat, and 1,370 grams of salt. In comparison, eating their double hamburger results in a total calorie intake of 455 and 23 grams of fat. This amounts to a total saving of 65 calories and 3 grams of fat.

Calories in Side Garden salad

The calorie intake per serving of Side Garden salad includes 322.2 kcal and 32.1 grams of fat, including 6.4 grams of saturated fat with no trace of trans-fat. The salad also consists of 22.2 mg of cholesterol, 336.4 mg of sodium, 5.3 grams of carbohydrates, 1.1 grams of fiber, 3.9 grams of sugar, and 4.9 grams of protein. This way, the salad provides a serving completely packed with nutrition while adding less calorie intake.

Calories in Crispy Chicken Garden Salad

Counting the calorie intake of the crispy chicken garden salad reveals approximately 870.1 kcal, along with 70.5 grams of fat, including 14.2 grams of saturated fat and no trace of trans-fat. In addition, the chicken salad contains 100.8 mg of cholesterol, 1605.1 mg of sodium, 34.7 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 7.4 grams of sugar, and 27.3 grams of protein.

Before adding the salad dressing, calculate all the calories mentioned above intake. Calculate the calorie intake of the salad dressing, with ranch dressing providing an additional 260 calories, Italian dressing contributing 160 calories, and lite honey balsamic dressing contributing 120 calories. Burger King has offered different salad options on their menu list since 1983 and has introduced salad bars at their outlets in different locations. Along with the hamburgers and other food items, salad by Burger King is also one of the most liked items on their menu list.

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People are conscious about their health these days. Therefore, different restaurants have also tried to serve the food products according to the demands of their potential customers to remain in the competition. Hence, Burger King is also serving healthy and nutritious salad as one of the products on their menu list.