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“At the end of the day, technology is why we have such a high standard of living.” With the advent of science and technology, robotic engineering is growing much faster. Robots are now being developed to work in every aspect of life, including personal, professional, and sports. While targeting the problems of customers standing in long queues, or difficulty in reaching the right person to help, the robots have been developed to work as customer service agents who tackle every problem of the customer while providing 24×7 availability.

Robotization is a strong alliance between human beings and technology. The reasons behind robotization in customer service depend on many factors. Even in present times, call centers are an unfamiliar and discreet sector. It becomes hard to imagine the buzz of activities going on inside the buildings of call centers in metropolitan cities. Sometimes, these centers need help finding experienced and suitable candidates who can handle the workload and pressure in such centers. To ensure the ability to recruit competent personnel, the recruiters have started the robotization of the industry.

Revolutionizing Customer Service with CRUZR Robots

Companies have shifted towards newer technology to save time processing calls and work in a well-balanced way. The technique of robotization has been linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in the conversational AI field. Chatbots are the first to witness and experience robotization in customer service. Through chatbots, you can converse through messages with the company’s customer service, while with voice bots, voice messages and commands are used to converse with robots such as Alexa or Siri. Nowadays, call bots have been developed with AI-powered voice agents that are readily available to answer phone calls. 

The Cruzr robots are developed as business robot that offers multiple facet customer service features, including:

  • Effective communication through susceptible facial and emotional recognition features and functions.
  • Delivers a rich customer experience through various ways of customer interaction, including vision, voice, text, action, and others.
  • Video conferencing tool help to connect the team members even sitting at distant locations.
  • An automatic recharge function by going to the dock station in Cruzr after 8 hours of continuous use. 

This blog has tried to highlight the significant features of the crazy robot and how it is helping companies in enhancing their customer service experience.

How do Cruzr Robots help revolutionize the customer service experience?

Customer service has become an essential part of the company’s interaction with its customers since the inception of social media, which has given a voice louder to all its consumers. Companies are now raising the standards of their customer service experience while accepting the latest technologies, including robotization. 

The robot named Cruzr is specially designed to enhance the customer service experience of companies. The robot is developed and programmed in a way to helps the customers and provides them with all the necessary help and information. The robot is developed by Ubitech company using U-SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology through which it can locate and map its environment and guide the customers and partners more efficiently. The data analysis function of the crazy robot helps companies who want to collect, store, and analyze the data of the customers stored with them.

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SPARK, a software developed by Intuitive Robots, is used along with Cruzr robots that aid in integrating the robots with any chatbot, including Dialogflow, IBM Watson, proprietary chatbots, and others. When the features of the physical capacity of Crazy are combined with chatbots through SPARK, the end users receive a richer, more natural, and more intelligent experience. The robot is programmed to connect with the Internet of Things, including payment and others, through the multi-language management system. These systems aid in connecting with third-party services and provide the end users with personalized information. These robots help companies in collecting real-time data.  

Cruzr Robots help revolutionize the customer service experience

The crazy robots come in plastic and metal body with about 45kgs of total weight, installed with touch screens and high-quality cameras providing high-end photos and videos. The sensors in the robot have a certain degree of freedom with three omnidirectional wheels that aid in the free movement of the robot. The crazy robot works with both Android and ROS operating systems.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have changed the algorithm of technology these days. The connecting link developed between humans and robots contributes to an advanced world while detailing even the finest of things.