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With technological advancements, coding, and robotics have become quite popular, even at the primary education levels. Coding is a particular set of information that a robot can interpret and follow. It is the way through which you can interact with computer devices. With the combined efforts of electronics, mechanics, and programming tools, robots have been designed to perform specific tasks that even human beings cannot function. In comparison, robots require virtual electronic and mechanical devices, including sensors, while coding requires proper code cards and algorithms that are defined in a particular way. Coding and robots are now used in different arenas, including education, the health sector, the office, personal use at home, and many others.

Ozobot is a miniature robot designed with an elementary ability to follow lines. Draw a line and place Ozobot over it, and it will follow the line’s path. On the bottom of this robotic device, five openings are present, with lights and optical sensors present in each of the openings. These sensors are considered the eyes of Ozobot. Through each of the openings, the sensor detects the brightness of the paper underneath, which helps it to differentiate between the white and colored parts of a paper and, thus, identify the path of the line along with any bends or curves it.

The Power of Visual Programming Creating with Ozoblockly

Ozoblockly is powered by Google’s Blockly, which provides you the power to control the movement and behavior of Ozobot fully. Ozoblockly also provides five different modes, from Novice with icon-based blocks to Master with support for many low-level functions and advanced programming concepts.

This blog has tried to collect the points about Ozoblockly and how it significantly impacts the lives of people around it. 

Significance of Ozoblockly

Ozoblockly helps in creating programs for Ozobot, one of the smallest of its kind robot. It is a visual programming editor that develops complete control over the movements and behavior of Ozobot. This editor allows you to create your block-based program and load it into the Ozobot Bit. All modern web browsers across all major operating systems support the editor. You need your computer hardware, Ozobot, and Ozoblockly to get started and experience all new things. You may find an extra challenge using a smartphone device or a mini tablet to use Ozoblockly; instead, continue on a computer screen to get a better experience.

As the Ozobots can be programmed using visual codes, the students can better engage and learn new things, including robotics, programming, and mathematics, in a playful environment. Ozobot can also be programmed using a Spin command to cover a complete circle and turn 360 degrees in the right (clockwise) and left (counter-clockwise) directions. To protect the process with a smaller radius, Ozobot is started by accelerating at the top speed and then suddenly deaccelerated and brought to a complete full stop.

Significance of Ozoblockly

The miniature robot, Ozobot, is developed by Ozobot & Evollve Inc., a company dedicated to creating small robots. The Ozobot markers ensure that the colors are read reliably by the robot. Different colors like crayons, dry-erase markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and highlighters should not be used with Ozobot. Sharpie comprehensive chisel tips (pastel colors for blue and green) or Crayola classic markers can be used with Ozobot robotic device. 

Ozobot is mainly available in two versions, namely Ozobot Evo and Bit. Both robots are easy to control and assertedly to use. The Bit is simple to use and specially designed for younger kids, while Evo is a little complex to understand and use with additional features like LED lights, sound elements, Bluetooth, infrared sensors, and many others. To program Bit with Ozoblockly, a computer screen and hardware is required. 

Ozoblockly Challenge Worksheets are designed according to the needs of young children to let them introduce to computer programming using Ozobot. The students can learn drag-and-drop computer programming using the Ozoblockly web App. Through Evo App, the students can create and load Ozoblockly programs using their tablets or mini computers.

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The movement of Ozobot can be modified in the Ozoblockly Editor with light effects, several dance moves, and many other such activities. A virtual dance instructor calls out for action, and the Evo responds instantaneously when Ozobot traces a square, a green light shines, a red light when the robot takes a right turn, and so on. 


Robots have made our life easier in every aspect. They have also made the learning experience a fun activity for the students. Handling the editor and the robot can make the boring subject and classroom an extremely new experience with fun learning.