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Communication Matrix

The communication matrix aids in setting goals and monitoring progress. The website is available in many different languages, and the tool is free for everyone to use. For anyone who supports a person with a severe communication disorder, the website’s community forum serves as a networking resource.

A communication matrix tool will show you exactly how someone communicates. The tool, specifically designed for kids, can support adults with complex needs by providing them with logical communication objectives through the ideas it promotes. This matrix is simply a convenient way to keep important players informed. It includes information on the project’s owners, deadlines, status, goals, etc.

The Communication Matrix has developed a communication assessment tool to make it simple for families and professionals to understand the communication status, development, and special needs of anyone still developing communication skills or using communication methods other than speaking or writing. Among the multiple benefits of a communication matrix, some of the major ones include

  • Improved inter-departmental communication: When all of a project’s components are listed in one place, such as a matrix document, everyone is informed and on board. As a result, communication and collaboration between team members from various departments is much simpler.
  • Improved utilization of resources: Team members can begin solving a problem immediately when they can quickly determine who is doing what. In turn, this means spending more time fixing issues and less time figuring out who to talk to or what the status of a project is.
  • Quick decision-making: Decision-making is much smoother, more efficient, and quicker when stakeholders and leaders always have the required information.

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Ways of Using Communication Matrix

You can quickly create a communication matrix once you have Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets open. To categorize the data in your matrix, you can use the following methods:

  • Communication: Meetings, status updates, project newsletters, and other similar items would fall under this category.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the meeting or creating a report should be clear beforehand.
  • Medium: It includes a method of communication, which can be a conference call, an in-person meeting, or an email.
  • Frequency: The frequency of various reports and meetings can be organized and tracked to determine whether they occur daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Audience: Using this, the audience type can be classified.
  • Owner: Using this matrix, the person in charge of the project, such as the project manager, project sponsor, or any other stakeholder, can be categorized.
  • Deliverable: The various outcomes of a project’s execution may include an agenda, a slide deck, a project schedule, and a status report.

Establishing project approval procedures can be challenging for marketing teams, so using a communication matrix can be helpful. You can determine which projects require approval and who in the hierarchy is in charge of approving them.

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Benefits of the Communication Matrix

There are multiple benefits of using the communication matrix, such as

  • Low cost of the matrix: This is a one-of-a-kind tool because it’s the only online communication assessment available to people just learning to communicate that is free or inexpensive.
  • Easy to use matrix: Based on your observations and interactions with the person, the Communication Matrix leads you through a series of questions to answer. It enables you to track and comprehend progress quickly.
  • Helping the community: Your every assessment is transformed into entirely anonymous data. Researcher understanding of human communication is aided by the data we gather. In Shared Science, we share user-contributed data with you in an approachable visual format.
  • Communication Matrix is available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Chinese (traditional), Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese are among the languages in which The Matrix can be accessed online.
  • Established Science supports it: The Matrix is a streamlined tool for tracking advancement over time that organizes various schemas based on decades of communication research.
  • Communication Matrix is Long-Lasting: The Matrix is possible for offline and online use. The tool presents results in a consistent table format across both online and printed versions. You can easily compare the results of two online and offline assessments.


Overall, the communication matrix aids in the formulation of precise objectives and the efficient utilization of the resources at hand. While maintaining transparency, it enables free-flowing information between the various teams. Overall, it makes it possible to create and maintain a strong team while retaining skilled workers and bolstering the team.