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“You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself.” Counseling is a provision to help others resolve their personal or psychological problems. Counseling can be of many different types, including marriage and relationship counseling, educational or rehabilitation counseling, psychological counseling, professional assistance or counseling, and many others.

There are different approaches through which counselors can assist their clients and help them solve their problems. Among all the methods, psychodynamic counseling is one of the most common and well-known methods of counseling through which a strong relationship is built between a client and therapist, and the client is directed to deal with complicated feelings and emotions effectively. Interpersonal counseling is based on a diagnosis and treatment approach in which the client’s disorder is considered a medical problem that needs intervention.

Innovative Approaches to Creative Counseling

The client-centered therapy is more toward a humanistic approach focused on harnessing human potential. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based method that concentrates on thoughts and behaviors. Mindfulness-based counseling is based on the present feelings and thoughts without any judgment. Constructionist therapy is more focused on cultural influences and interpretations. Narrative therapy has the basis of story-telling that we tell ourselves, and the counselor works together to create an alternative story of the same incident.

Creative therapy is based on artistic treatment, including painting, singing, dancing, and others. Various types of psychotherapy, including play therapy, play therapy games, sand tray therapy, art therapy, bibliotherapy, music and dance, and many other therapies, form a part of creative therapy. Counselors help clients with emotional and psychological well-being and enhance their mental health. The counselors use different innovative approaches to promote a deep and robust level of healing. This blog has highlighted how counselors use innovative techniques for practical counseling sessions.

Different innovative approaches to creative counseling

Counseling and psychotherapy use different innovative methods to create new and exciting interdisciplinary subfields. Other creative tools enable clients to explore new ways and solve problems effectively. Sand therapy allows the clients to widen their imaginative skills and use symbols and miniature objects or animals. This therapy can further be used by counselors to divert their clients towards solution-focused questions or involve them in a dialogue based on the figure to recall the past and present times.

Different innovative approaches to creative counseling

In addition to the therapies mentioned above, many other innovative approaches enhance the counseling sessions, such as guided imagery, expressive art therapy, play therapy, and many others.

Guided Imagery

It is a powerful technique that results in complete body relaxation and improves the concentration and focus of the brain to attain a deeper level of consciousness. While remaining in a deeper state of consciousness, the clients are alert enough to control their emotions and share their experiences and feelings with their counselors. The method has been effectively used to manage stress and anxiety situations and aid in creative enhancement and physical relaxation of clients undergoing psychological and emotional turmoils. This further improves the pain symptoms experienced by the clients while focusing on the trigger points.

Expressive Art Therapy

This therapy can be used on individuals and on a group of people while using a wide range of natural and other materials and media. For many people, expressing their inner artist through carving out sculptures helps represent their inner feelings and conceptions while promoting self-knowledge. Different methods such as mindful meditation, creating art, listening to music, and other forms of exercise aid in enhancing growth and experiencing overall development.

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Play Therapy

This innovative therapy is used to help the children in accessing and expressing their feelings and emotions. The therapy helps the children step out of any unlikely situation as they when involved in playful activities, including toys, props, and others, find a seed of their creative behavior that can be developed over time.

The creative approach of therapy helps to work with imagination and break out the traditional pathways to gain new solutions in life. The clients are supported in a visual, auditory, and experimental way of communicating to help them escape any distressed situation and enhance their psychological and emotional well-being.


The trained and licensed counselors used different ways to help their clients to get through the emotional and challenging situations in life. The creative ways, including playful activities, have found a great way through which the clients get help to come out of their past experiences and start the entire new journey.