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What is para-verbal communication?

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” It is a skill learned with experience and involves three components, verbal, non-verbal, and para-verbal communication. The verbal component includes our words, speech, or quotes, while the non-verbal component forms the part of our body language and how we react through our expressions. The para-verbal element of communication is our way of expressing words, which includes our tone, accent, speed or rhythm, pitch, pace, and volume while speaking something.

Paraverbal communication decides on ‘how’ the message is delivered irrespective of ‘what’ is the message that is being delivered. Verbal and non-verbal communication is concurrent with para-verbal communication, which decides the impact of the message being delivered. Donovan, in 2017, described para-verbal communication as one of the means of communication that could help enormously, as when you know how your client will react to a situation, you can find a better approach and satisfy the needs of your client. Professor Mehrabian claimed that para-verbal communication accounts for about 38% of the total you communicate with someone. On the other hand, non-verbal communication is 55%, while verbal communication forms only 7% of the total communication we have with someone.

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.

To become a master in communication skills, one has to be an expert in verbal, non-verbal, and para-verbal communication skills. Only then would they be able to convey the message most appropriately and effectively? This blog is structured to find the details of para-verbal communication along with knowing its importance while conveying the message to someone.

Importance of para-verbal communication skills

It is not always our words that matter, but how they are expressed also forms an essential component of communication. Pitch, tone, and speed of our words and speech are the three critical components of our communication skills. The pitch includes the accurate voice level, the tone is the deciding factor of the manners with which you convey the message, and the speed of your words decides the velocity of your speech with which the words are conveyed to others.

A faster pace of speech can give an impression of our nervousness toward others. Therefore, a well-balanced pitch, tone, and speed of our speech are necessary to leave an impact on our words on others. Multiple frequency words are used in the speech with basic manners to enhance your effects of speech on others. A soft-spoken person with impactful words is a better orator than one who speaks blandly while interacting with someone.

Pitch is the level of your voice. The speaker’s seriousness, authoritative nature, or friendliness and enjoyment while communicating is decided by the pitch of words they express or the sounds they produce.

It has been clearly understood that to improve your communication skills and the impact of words on others, improving an essential part of speech, i.e., para-verbal communication, is mandatory. Following specific tips and tricks, you can enhance your tonal quality and how you express your words to leave a lifetime impact on others.

Importance of para-verbal communication skills

Firstly try to reduce your pitch and be soft-spoken to everyone. You can impact others more when you talk less and express more. Cheering up yourself and the immediate surroundings makes a happier atmosphere, thus increasing the energy levels of your colleagues or subordinates. Always converse while making direct eye contact while paying attention to your words.

Speaking and delivering the information on your behalf is only sometimes essential, but listening to others is integral to your conversation. Paying attention to other people’s views and opinions and observing their gestures, postures, and actions while conversing is equally essential to have a healthier and much more influential exchange of words. Try to listen to your voice and practice while standing in front of the mirror to get a proper insight into how you converse with others.

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Words alone are not enough to deliver a message high on point to someone. Your gestures are essential too. Hence, para-verbal communication and maintaining good tone, pitch, and pace of words are equally important to have an impactful personality.


Observing things and maintaining a well-balanced speech are essential to deliver high-quality messages to someone and impact their lives. The method and choice of delivery of your words frame a necessary part of your communication and delivering your ideas to someone. Hence, maintaining and consistent improvement in communication skills should always be followed by everyone.