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How are creativity and intelligence related to each other?

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Though intelligence is always seen with a high IQ quotient and an in-depth knowledge of the subject, creativity is using your imaginative power and coming up with different ideas, concepts, and solutions to help solve a problem or improve the conditions at an individual level or institutional or organizational front. Creativity is multilevel thinking, where a person goes out of the box and brings innovative ideas to deal with problems rightly.

Many recent studies have claimed that intelligence and creativity are two sides of the same coin, and one is incomplete without the other. Meanwhile, a creative person is found to be more intelligent than a non-creative or uninteresting person. Both creativity and intelligence are the processes of the brain that analyze information and find answers and solutions to various problems.

According to Albert Einstein, “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun.” Even scientists have revealed that little creativity and innovative ideas while researching enhance the process optimistically. Creative ideas help us to grow positively and open an unlimited arena of growth and potential in front of us. It can be considered a dance move or a lightning bolt moment of inspiration that results in a meaningful way of doing things.

Creativity and intelligence related to each other

No one can control creativity and a creative mindset. Instead, it acts as a force that requires participation rather than direction. This blog has highlighted how to improvise your creative skills and always remain ahead of the competition.

Improving your creative abilities while having fun

Innovative ideas help you to see through the problem and find multilevel solutions. There are several ways to improve your creative skills without giving any extra effort and having fun during the whole process.

Divergent thinking

Instead of following the traditional path, try to analyze the situations and find unconventional solutions to the problems. Divergent thinking is a pillar of creative skills, including brainstorming and mind mapping. The multiple open-ended ideas pave the way to innovation and promote divergent thinking. These types of activities can be fun exercises, especially if done with a partner or a group.


An optimistic personality or positive thinking alleviates our mood and improves divergent thinking. To promote the creative skills inside you, invest in the skills that help maintain a positive mindset.

Listen to music

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Many epidemiological studies have proved that ‘happy music’ promotes divergent thinking and aid in finding better solutions to problems.

Combat the Einstellung effect.

Abraham S. Luchins first demonstrated the Einstellung effect, which suggests that our brain is trained to perform tasks and find familiar solutions to already-known problems. According to scientific facts, our good thoughts can block our better thoughts. Habits are a significant barrier to our creative ideas and should be overridden to accelerate creative ideas and divergent and positive thinking.

Randomness practice

Creative ideas always come from nowhere and are built upon random thoughts, ideas, and associations. Randomness is a fun way to practice creativity and open doors for new ideas.


Dreaming has no strict rules or regulations and can be considered a real inspiration for creative ideas. A night of healthy sleep is accompanied by the REM cycle, the period of deep sleep and more dreaming. Hence, try to wake up after the REM cycle ends and recollect and jot down your dreams.

Dream: Dreaming has no strict rules or regulations

Motivation, self-confidence, and self-belief are the important requisites of creative skills and ideas. Therefore, keep yourself aware and motivated that you inherit the creative potential and positively expand your imagination. Judgemental opinions kill creativity, so never try to deduce your thoughts or imaginative skills. Creativity can best be learned from children as they do things without any set boundaries. Try to recall your childhood events or spend a little time with children to open up your doors of imagination and enhance creative thinking.

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Creative intelligence is learned with practice and repetition of the skills. A person should always be bold in thinking out of the box and letting new ideas float in every possible direction. Learning is a never-ending process, therefore, keep learning new things and implement them in your personal and professional life to find better solutions to existing problems.