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What is the Best Time to Go to New Orleans

New Orleans, or NOLA, is renowned for its exciting nightlife, music, and festivals. The place can cheer anyone up. If you want to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this charming city, you must visit it at the right time. Although the Big Easy has plenty to offer throughout the year, some months may prove to be better than others. Traveling during certain months is more suitable for those preferring fewer crowds, more festivities, or cheaper hotel rates. Let’s find out more about the best time to go to New Orleans.

The Best Season to Soak the New Orleans Vibes

The Best Season to Soak the New Orleans Vibes

Spoiler alert: The Big Easy is perfect to visit in every season.

Having said that, our favorite seasons are spring and fall. Spring in New Orleans is lovely, with mild weather and outdoor festivals in full swing. You can enjoy the famous Jazz Fest, the French Quarter Festival, and the Tennessee Williams Fest, among so many others. Besides, spring in NOLA brings out the city’s peculiar cuisine, the spicy crawfish. No matter where you go, you’ll be greeted by this delectable Louisiana favorite. Relishing it between the festivities will make for an unforgettable experience. Fall is another great month characterized by festivities galore. The season is all about good food, great weather, football, and vibrant music. Festivals like Top Taco, Fried Chicken Fest, and Art for Art’s Sake are some of the highlights of this season. During fall, visit the Willa Jean for a delectable brunch or Champions Square to experience a full-fledged fan tailgating experience.

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What Is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans for Thinner Crowds?

What Is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans for Thinner Crowds

Do you want to visit NOLA when there are fewer crowds? Late fall will be the perfect time for you. There aren’t many events occurring during this season. So you can secure a better deal at the hotels. Late fall is also the hurricane season. So, if you plan to visit New Orleans during this time, ensure to keep an eye on the weather updates. Late fall runs from September to November. Some events that you should not miss out on include the Nola on Tap Beer Fest (September), Restaurant Week (September), Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival (October), and Voodoo Music & Arts Experience (October).

When Should Couples Visit New Orleans?

When Should Couples Visit New Orleans

Couples can enjoy The Big Easy anytime throughout the year. However, if your ideal of a romantic date night involves strolling around the streets lit up with dazzling decorations, we recommend visiting New Orleans during Christmas. Couples can enjoy Celebration in the Oaks, an annual holiday tradition during December. During this time, New Orleans is illuminated with historic oak trees within the City Park. You can admire the stunning displays, hand-in-hand with your loved one, or enjoy the rides in the New Orleans Botanical Garden and the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park.

How Many Days Are Enough for New Orleans?

How Many Days Are Enough for New Orleans

New Orleans isn’t a big city. A three-day tour is perfect to experience the best of this place. During this time, you can explore the famous French Quarter, sip coffee, and listen to live music. Then, make your way to Jackson Square. Stop by the Preservation Hall during the night for a live concert. The next day, visit the Garden District. With historic mansions and oak trees, the place will feel like a breath of fresh air. If you are in the mood for some retail therapy, make Magazine Street your next stop. It has several art galleries, antique shops, boutiques, and shops that sell local NOLA apparel. On the last day, visit the Oak Alley Plantation and the Bourbon Street. Oak Alley Plantation will give you a good glimpse of the history of the Antebellum period of the South. There are slave quarters, stunning grounds, and historic homes. At the end of these three days, you will discover a newfound appreciation for New Orleans and all that it offers.

What Is The Best Time To Visit New Orleans With Kids?

What Is The Best Time To Visit New Orleans With Kids

New Orleans, with its vibrant nightlife, is usually associated with adults. But what many don’t know is that NOLA is also a great place for kids. There are plenty of attractions that you can enjoy with your kids. Some must-visit places to explore include The New Orleans Museum of Art, the Audubon Zoo, The Music Box Village, and Swamp Doors. The best time to explore New Orleans with kids is during the winter. The Celebration in the Oaks hosted by the City Park isn’t only ideal for couples. You can enjoy the giant light display with your kids as well. If they want to play with snow, head to the Miracle on Fulton Street. The place will greet you with a giant Christmas tree and tons of fake snow. But if you want to explore museums and zoos, it’s best to visit New Orleans in the spring.

The Best Time to Visit New Orleans if You Are on a Budget

The Best Time to Visit New Orleans if You Are on a Budget

If you have a tight budget but still want to experience the Big Easy, visit it during the summer. It is the shoulder season, and you won’t find the place as crowded as you would during the fall and winter. Hotels get the least amount of bookings and the flight rates are low. Summer in New Orleans is extremely hot and humid, which is one reason why many don’t prefer to visit during this season. More specifically, traveling to New Orleans from June to September will be ideal for those on a budget.

Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to enjoy your stay. Around the clock, every day, week, and month, New Orleans has a lot going on. From the French Market Creole Tomato Festival to Tales of the Cocktail, a premier cocktail event, there’s a lot to explore. The great thing about visiting NOLA in summer is that you can easily find accommodation even in luxury hotels, as they tend to reduce their prices due to a lack of visitors.

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Summing up

Whether you’re craving jazz, want to treat your taste buds to some spicy seafood, or want to learn about the fascinating history of the place, New Orleans will not disappoint. Although certain times of the year can be suitable for specific travelers, NOLA is always brimming with a life of its own. So, choose a particular month at your convenience and get ready to dive into the Big Easy’s eclectic vibe.