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Best Cities for Black Families to Live in the United States

Blacks have been subjected to discrimination historically and well into modern times. Although the United States still has much to do when it comes to giving them equal rights, there are many places where black communities can thrive. While searching for a city to live in and raise a family as a black, safety is a critical consideration. Besides, the area must offer adequate employment opportunities, affordable homes, and a healthy social life. Here’s a list of 8 best cities for black families to live in the U.S.

Best Cities for Black Families in the US

1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta was the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement. The place, also known as Black Mecca, is one of the safest places for black communities in the South. Atlanta has a well-established class of employed middle and upper-class black people. The education landscape is equally robust, with several historically black colleges that produce a huge chunk of the upper-middle-class blacks. African Americans make up almost half (48%) of the population in Atlanta, making it an ideal place to live and thrive in the U.S. The city offers affordable housing and plenty of employment opportunities. Moreover, the homicide rates in Atlanta have declined by about 75% in the previous three decades. Thus, it’s one of the best cities for black individuals and couples with and without children.

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2. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has been witnessing the migration of approximately 32,000 and 40,000 Black residents over the previous ten years. Due to this, the city has a good-sized black population. Jacksonville is home to many black business owners. Besides, African Americans also hold key positions in the private and government sectors here. This makes it a great place for young black professionals to live. More specifically, the north side of the city is brimming with black population. Jacksonville is near major highways, so there are no problems related to transport. The city has plenty of beaches and waterways, a deep-rooted history, and a vibrant culinary scene, all of which make it an ideal place to raise a family.

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is one of the best places for black professionals in the U.S. to thrive. The city scores well on various fronts. These include the levels of representation, economic and housing opportunities, and the business atmosphere for African Americans. Charlotte also has a relatively affordable cost of homes. Do you know that the black household income in Charlotte is higher than in many other big American cities? The city has a 41.6% black homeownership rate, which is pretty decent. Charlotte is filled with several black-owned businesses, the total number climbing above 13,000. The murder rates are lower than in cities like Philadelphia and Chicago. All these factors make Charlotte a perfect place to raise African-American kids.

4. Missouri City, Texas

Missouri City, Texas

Missouri City is mentioned in this list of the best cities for black families because of its safety, employment opportunities, and vibrant social life. The place has low crime rates, most likely the result of a vigilant police force. Missouri City embraces diversity with all its heart. This can be seen in its varied events, from art exhibitions to cultural festivals. Thus, blacks feel a sense of inclusivity and belongingness. The place is perfect for African Americans to thrive with families. Missouri City also brims with lucrative job and business opportunities. Located near Houston positions, it is a hub for economic development. The job market is ever-expanding, so blacks have an avenue for career advancement.

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is home to almost 50% of the black community of Utah. The city has endless black-owned restaurants that serve a spectrum of cuisines, from Ethiopian to Japanese, Jamaican, and more. Black residents of SLC can be found in every industry here.

African Americans in the place report feeling quite welcome. This is remarkable, considering that the city also has an overwhelmingly large population of whites. Some of the best suburbs in Salt Lake City for black families include Liberty Wells, Greater Avenues, and Yalecrest. Liberty Wells has many good educational institutions and a relatively low cost of house rent. Greater Avenues has the lowest crime rates, while Yalecrest has an overall lower population, low crime rates, and access to parks and schools.

6. Silver Spring, Maryland

Silver Spring, Maryland

Silver Spring, a suburb of Washington, D.C., is characterized by inclusive cultural programming, a sizeable number of blacks, and a hygienic outdoor environment. The city has been an equitable home to African Americans since the 1960s. A fact worth mentioning about Silver Spring is that no ethnic group here is in the majority. Black families living here report a sense of community. African Americans in Silver Spring have access to higher education, and the median household income of families is above $61,000. Silver Spring has been regarded as one of those few cities where black and white males progress relatively equally into adulthood.

7. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Black families who value safety and health equity will find Los Angeles a suitable place. There are plenty of regulations related to health and wellness for residents. African Americans in L. A County are third-largest in the entire U.S., their figure crossing the 900,000 mark. Los Angeles has several black neighborhoods. It is another reason why the place is ideal for raising kids. This, combined with access to quality healthcare, makes L.A. one of the worth-considering places to settle in.

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8. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is another good city for African Americans because of the economic avenues it provides to these communities. Black households here have the seventh-highest median income, approximately $60,000, which is quite a decent amount. Virginia Beach also has a large labor force participation rate, touching approximately 70%. The city is near to the beach and has a bustling restaurant and food scene. All of this makes Virginia Beach ideal for black families as well as black professionals. 

Summing up

The cities listed here offer promising environments for black families seeking safety, economic opportunities, and a sense of belongingness. From Atlanta’s rich history to Charlotte’s thriving black-owned businesses and affordable housing, each city provides unique benefits. Whether it’s the inclusive cultural programming of Silver Spring or the economic opportunities that Virginia Beach offers, black families can find spaces where they can thrive and raise their children.