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Black Owned Clothing Brands

The fashion of the Black community has been replicated many times by mainstream brands. Black fashion designers have constantly innovated the cultural landscape of fashion design. They are also seen as beacons of hope as they inspire not only their own but also marginalized communities everywhere. If you are planning to buy some new gear, why not look into Black-owned brands? The sheer variety and styles of clothing will amaze you. Keep reading to learn about the best Black-owned clothing brands.

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Best Black Owned Clothing Brands

1. 4 Hunnid Clothing

4 Hunnid Clothing

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4 Hunnid Clothing Line is a unisex lifestyle collection by YG, the Crompton rapper. Launched in 2016, 4 Hunnid Clothing initially offered graphic hoodies and T-shirts. For the previous few years, it has come out with Zumiez and got a great response. Now, the rapper is revamping his fashion brand with Gavin Mathieu, the creative director. Along with their original offering of graphic apparel, the clothing brand also offers sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and plaid trousers. The clothing, according to YG, represents the culture and environment he grew up in. Through it, he aims to teach consumers how to respect the originality of Black culture.

2. Undefined Clothing

Undefined Clothing

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Undefined Clothing, founded by Dyesha Belhumeur, is a streetwear clothing line for pretty much everyone. These include African Americans, women, and LGBTQIA+ communities. The underlying aim, according to Dyesha, is to enable people to ‘go against the grain’ and push others to do the same. Her clothing is designed to encourage people of color to push past the rules imposed by society on them.

This brand’s clothing line is huge and has something for everyone. From bomber jackets to puffer skirts and durag, there’s an endless variety. Undefined Clothing has several collections. These include the Black Culture Collection, the Pro-Black Collection, and the Legalized Black Collection, among others. All of them feature different types of hoodies, masks, and short and long-sleeved T-shirts with inspiring quotes.

3. Orire


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Founded in 2021 by Orire Aleshinloya, Orire is an upcoming Nigerian women’s wear brand. The brand has two major aims: exploring artistic feminity through its clothing and prioritizing conscious production. This brand offers sophisticated and chic clothing for women. Some of its worth-mentioning pieces include the Lumar top, the Oman dress, and the Tata skirt. Orire only uses sustainable fabrics, producing a majority of its products in small batches in Nigeria. Other pieces are produced on a made-to-order basis to eliminate waste. Orire aims to lead by example in creating a fashion market characterized by greater transparency and accountability.

4. Carrots by Anwar

Carrots by Anwar

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Carrots by Anwar offers menswear printables produced in Los Angeles. Established in 2015, the clothing reflects the art, street culture, and fashion that Anwar experienced as a teenager growing up in LA. The brand’s apparel can be seen as the creative outlet of the founder. Currently, Carrots offers a diverse variety of menswear, which includes tops, T-shirts, headwear, and bottoms. Besides, there are several collections, such as the FW23, featuring different types of hats and tees, and the Holiday 23, with its range of vibrant and neutral tees, long sweatshirts, and hoodies.

5. Marrisa Wilson

Marrisa Wilson

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Are you in a mood to experiment with your style? Maybe you are bored of the usual pieces and crave something new. Marrisa Wilson will delight you with its collection of quirky womenswear. Created by the Guyanese-American designer Marrisa Wilson, the brand embodies a blend of high fashion, architecture, and art. The pieces exude boldness, creative details, and clean lines. Marissa’s clothing is handpainted and, in the designer’s own words, ‘created from the soul. The collection comprises bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and outerwear, among other things. She also prioritizes sustainable fashion, using eco-friendly materials and responsible production methods to create clothing that cannot ever be replicated.

6. Kimberly Goldson

Kimberly Goldson

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Kimberly Goldson is a contemporary womenswear offering a range of sophisticated and bold clothing. Some of its statement pieces include relaxed trousers, viola knit dresses, floral sheath dresses, and pattern block pants. Kimberly Goldson is the brainchild of Kimberly Goldson and Shelly Powell. The clothing is an extension of their creative imagination and the dynamic culture they experienced during their global travels. The Goldson sisters have been a part of the fashion design industry for four decades now. This long period has made them deeply aware of women’s fashion, so much so that every single piece of their collection has that elusive quality that completely transforms the appeal of the wearer.

7. Philadelphia Printworks

Philadelphia Printworks

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Philadelphia Printworks is an independent clothing brand that blends DIY screen printing with messages of social justice and political empowerment. The brand offers a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, along with books and zones. The Combahee River Collective Capsule Collection features hats, denim tote, and T-shirts. This collection honors the feminist trailblazers of the Combahee River Collective, a black feminist group from the 1970s and 1980s. The brand was founded by Maryam Pugh and Ruth Paloma Rivera-Perez to encourage a culture of inclusion and activism. In the coming years, Philadelphia Printworks will expand its clothing to include kidswear.

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8. KeenaBela


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KeenaBela is an eco-friendly loungewear, resortwear, and sleepwear brand. Founded by Myriam Belasse, it offers a range of vibrant women’s wear. Whether it’s a viscose-printed long kimono duster, a strappy two-piece jumper and robe, or an off-shoulder set, all of them have a sense of playfulness that can cheer up anyone. At the heart of KeenaBela lies a commitment to bring out beauty in all women regardless of their size, color, and shape. All the pieces are manufactured in the company’s facilities and at some select production partners. It is done to ensure that every single item offers the wearer the most flattering fit and look.

Summing Up

Whether you want something casual, laidback, or high-fashion, these black-owned clothing brands won’t disappoint. The designers have taken the art to another level while making fashion more inclusive for all. Shopping from any of these brands will surely help you enhance your wardrobe with some trend-setting and fresh clothing.