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black owned restaurants richmond va

Richmond, VA, is a vibrant city with a thriving food landscape. There are a ton of black-owned restaurants to explore. From breakfast cafes to bars and bakeries, there’s always something to explore. Currently, there are over 60 black-owned restaurants in Richmond, VA. We have listed some of the best ones that every food lover must check out.

Black-Owned Restaurants Richmond, VA

1. Lillie Pearl

Lillie Pearl

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Lillie Pearl, founded by Chef Michael Lindsey and Kimberly Love-Lindsey, offers the perfect blend of West African and Southern African American cuisine. The restaurant offers New American cuisine but with a unique twist. Through food, Lillie Pearl pays homage to Mike Lindsey’s grandparents. They led the quintessential farm-to-table way of life, offering delectable food to everyone who visited their house. The restaurant offers dinner, lunch, brunch, and drinks and is a must-visit spot for every lover of South African cuisine.

2. NuVegan Cafe

NuVegan Cafe

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NuVegan café offers nutritious yet mouth-watering vegan meals for one and all. The café’s mission is to make the planet aware of what it means to be vegan and change the current perception of the cuisine. The café prepares fresh food in several varieties, from mac and cheese to sweet kale salad and cold raw sides. Every dish is made with organic and natural ingredients. They also offer gluten-free options on request. This café will charm you with its hospitality, knowledge about vegan food, and absolutely delicious meals.

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3. JewFro


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JewFro combines Jewish and African flavors to create unique delicacies. The chefs take guests through a wonderful culinary journey encompassing both these beautiful cultures. The restaurant not just serves lunch, dinner, beverages, and cocktails, but also educates the guests about the food items they are eating. Don’t be surprised to leave JewFro by learning various Jewish African food names. You can make a reservation here prior to visiting. Eating here will prove to be nothing less than a beautiful food adventure.

4. 521 Biscuits & Waffles

521 Biscuits & Waffles

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521 Biscuits & Waffles is a family-owned breakfast restaurant serving gluten-free meals. Located in the middle of Downtown Richmond, it offers meals that taste and feel as if they were made at home. The restaurant’s breakfast menu comprises of unique offerings like buttermilk biscuits and a variety of waffles. You can order online or visit the restaurant. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

5. Mama J’s

Mama J’s

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Do you desire the finest soul food dining experience? Visit Mama J’s. The family-owned restaurant pays homage to the tradition of eating dinner at grandma’s every Sunday. The restaurant has been featured in Thrillist.com’s’ 50 Restaurants to Try Before You Die’ list, which reflects the quality of the food. Indeed, Mama J’s soul food delicacies have enabled it to attract people from all walks of life, from locals to celebs and tourists.

6. Sweet Spot Ice Cream Cafe

Sweet Spot Ice Cream Cafe

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Perhaps no other place can offer you a dessert experience quite like Sweet Spot Ice Cream Café. The café endeavors to celebrate life with sweetmeats like gourmet ice cream and hot and cold coffee. The café offers its specialty ice cream in over 48 flavors. There are more than 300 flavors of sherbet, sorbet, ice cream, and Italian ice available in rotation. This showcases the dedication of the café to provide the best dessert experience to its guests. You can order online or visit the café with your loved ones to celebrate life’s joys over sweet treats.

7. Vagabond Restaurant

Vagabond Restaurant

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Vagabond Restaurant is the perfect place for those who desire to experience fine southern dining and drinks. The place’s ambience, with its 1920’s era speakeasy downstairs will simply mesmerize you. The restaurant serves a range of southern comfort food along with a great selection of wine, craft beer, and cocktails. This is accompanied by live music for a memorable experience. Vagabond Restaurant is THE place to eat, drink, and dance the night away.

8. Soul Taco

Soul Taco

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Another great place for fusion dining, Soul Taco combines Latin American flavors with Southern food for a uniquely satisfying experience. The fusion isn’t just limited to food; it runs in the fiber of the establishment. The restaurant aims to fuse people through food and harbor a deep love and respect for other cultures. Chefs here use sustainable, local, and eco-friendly ingredients to create every dish. Everything is made in-house and fresh to order. Soul Taco also offers catering, so you can impress your guests with some of the best fusion food they have tasted in a while!

9. Sweets By Keet

Sweets By Keet

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Sweets By Keet is a home bakery licensed by the VA Department of Agriculture. The 5-star bakery, run by Nikita or Keet has been named as the most recommend one by Restaurant Guru, the well-known metasearch platform. Keet started baking soon after being handed over an EZ bake oven at six by her mother. Fast forward to today, she has been pouring her passion for creating sweet treats in much higher quantities, causing the bakery to attract massive attention and love. Stop by here to devour decadent gourmet cake jars, banana pudding, and a variety of cookies, among other things.

10. Addis Ethiopian Restaurant

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant

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Addis Ethiopian Restaurant was founded by Addis, the owner’s yearning to savor Ethiopian food in Richmond. The food, linked inexorably to his childhood memories has always been special to him. After finding the right location and a skilled chef, he opened the restaurant in 2008 on 17th Street. The restaurant uses exotic Ethiopian ingredients to prepare its food. These include berbere, an Ethiopian seasoning; awaze, a paste of berbere with spices; and mitmita, a spicy power. This is the perfect place to relish Ethiopian cuisine in Richmond.

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11. Lammar Marie’s Gourmet Popcorn

Lammar Marie’s Gourmet Popcorn

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Lammar Marie’s Gourmet Popcorn is the most inventive popcorn company that you will ever come across. The place specializes in creating and serving an assortment of popcorn with specialty flavors. These include dark chocolate sea salted caramel, buttery white cheddar gourmet popcorn, and one loaded with baked potato, among others. Through its offerings, Lammar Marie’s strives to offer an experience that fosters togetherness and brings joy to the eater. All the ingredients used to create popcorn are hand-selected, ensuring that the final product offers nothing less than pure delight.

12. Mike’s Jazz Cafe

Mike’s Jazz Cafe

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Mike’s Jazz Café came about as a result of two foodies’ desire to offer Richmond a taste of the South. Michael and Kai Harvey provide authentic southern food like rock steady rolls, southern deep-fried golden hushpuppies, fried chicken, and garlic herb buttered salmon filet, among numerous other things. Kai has undergone culinary arts training. She loves food from all parts of the world and, together with Mike, offers unique dishes to their hometown of Richmond. Mike’s Jazz Café also offers cocktails, wines, and a tone of hospitality to ensure every guest’s satisfaction.

Summing Up

Black-owned restaurants in Richmond, VA, offer flavorful cuisine for every type of food lover. The restaurants enhance the existing food scene by offering fusion cuisine to vegan and authentic southern comfort food. From soul food at Mama J’s to original Ethiopian dishes at Addis, it’s easy to experience exceptional dining experiences. So, whether you are visiting Richmond or are a local wanting to explore unique food, try out any one or more of the restaurants mentioned here. You certainly will find yourself coming back for more!