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Nashville, Tennessee, is known for its bustling music scene. However, its vibrant culinary scene needs to be given more spotlight. The city’s Black history runs deep. Food culture has been an integral part of Nashville’s connection to its African-American residents since the middle of the 20th century. Black-owned restaurants in Nashville have housed many important political figures. Today, the city’s culinary scene cannot be considered complete without factoring in the various restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, and lounges owned by the black community. As a tourist or local in Nashville, if you haven’t tried any of these spots, you are missing out on some of the best dining that the city has to offer.

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Black-Owned Restaurants in Nashville

1. Bag Lady’s

Bag Lady's

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Want to taste the most delectable fries in Nashville? Head over to Bag Lady’s. Founded by two native brothers, the fry joint aims to transform fries. The joint has garnered much positive publicity for its fresh, delicious, and crispy fries. Besides, Bag Lady’s also offers a spectrum of fry dishes for people of every taste. From meat eaters to vegans, their array of dishes has something for everyone. Bag Lady’s also has a food truck available for catering in Buena Vista Park, North Nashville, Tennesse State University, and Meharry Hospital.

2. Coneheads


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Coneheads is one of the best black-owned restaurants in Nashville known for its chicken and waffles. Founded in 2019 by Caulid, Cam, and Coco, it aims to provide comfort food and a memorable dining experience. The restaurant’s eclectic atmosphere brings out the kid in everyone. Besides its signature chicken and waffles, Coneheads also serves delicious homemade sauces and savory sides.

3. IT’Z A Philly Thing

IT'Z A Philly Thing

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IT’S A Philly Thing is the perfect spot to try authentic Philly Cheesecake. Established by Zyhir Baker-Elam, the restaurant is noted for its cheesesteaks and other classics. The menu also includes options for vegans. Some of its most loved dishes include the original Philly Cheeze Steak, Chicken Cheeze Steak, and 2 Cheeze Steak Egg Rolls. Another distinctive offering includes Vegan Cheeze Steak. Every item is created from locally sourced and freshest ingredients to offer customers the best experience.

4. Germantown Pub

Germantown Pub

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Germantown Pub is a popular spot that hardly any locals know about. It is known for its excellent drinks and peculiar sports bar vibe. Its cocktails, like Melon Kush and green tea specialty shots, are widely consumed. Germantown also serves red and white wine, draft beer, canned beer, and more. Happy Hours are from Monday to Thursday. Germantown Pub offers $8 beer and shot specials every single day!

5. Ed’s Fish House

Ed's Fish House

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Ed’s Fish House was established in 1972 by Ed, who was 16 at the time. His layered fish and fillets on white bread with mustard, pickles, onions, and hot sauce amassed immense popularity. Ed’s Fish House maintains this popularity and is the regular destination for Meharry graduates who come to Nashville to attend homecomings and reunions. The place is known for its whiting and catfish sandwiches, which are freshly made upon every order. It is a haven for those craving authentic Southern-style fish plates and sandwiches.

6. Soul


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If the foodie in you is searching for a multi-sensory dining experience, Soul is the place for you. The ambiance is welcoming and entertaining. Soul offers various unique dishes, from appetizers like fried cheese curds to catfish nugget baskets, burgers, salads, pasta, and more. Dining at Soul makes guests engage all their senses, from sniffing the aroma to tasting the unique flavor and feeling the food’s texture before feasting on it. It is certainly unlike eating at any other place.

7. Sinema


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Want to relish classic American cuisine in a nostalgia-filled atmosphere? Visit Sinema, one of Nahville’s most popular restaurants and bars. Situated in the same place as the theatre’s history inspires the historic Melrose Theatre, the place’s guest experience. There are two levels of dining space, including a private dining room and a bar. The décor, by preserving the elements of the original building, screams the essence of bygone days. Sinema offers family-style bottomless items as you soak in the glory of the yesteryears.

8. Prince’s Hot Chicken

Prince's Hot Chicken

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Prince’s Hot Chicken is the one-stop destination for tasting the original hot chicken. Founded by Thornton Prince 100 years ago during the Great Depression, it was initially known as the Hot Chicken Shack. Fast-forward to today, and his great niece, Ms. Andre Prince Jeffries, still serves the legendary hot chicken that has become a favorite of Nashvillians. Prince’s Hot Chicken offers chicken in various flavors along with various sides, drinks, and desserts. It also has its own merchandise.

9. Vegelicious


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Vegelicious serves Nashville with its spectrum of delicious vegan selections. It was created 4 decades ago with the founder’s desire to churn up different vegan meals and sauces. Her cooking was praised by family and friends, leading her to open the restaurant 20 years ago. The founder has extensive experience in raw food, vegetarian, and vegan food. With its curated menu of appetizers, entrees, wraps, salads, and more, Vegelicious offers a dining experience that keeps guests returning for more.

10. Riddim n Spice

Riddim n Spice

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Riddim n Spice serves authentic Jamaican food to Nasvillians. Food pays respect to Jamaican and Caribbean cultures. The restaurant’s main chef, Kamal Kalokoh, has honed his culinary skills through his international travels. He applies them to churn delicacies in the kitchen. The most popular dishes on the menu include jerk chicken plates, red meat plates, and veggie protein plates. Riddim n Spice gives its guests the feeling of being tourists in Jamaica with its original Jamaican cuisine.

11. Roasted at the Local Distro

Roasted at the Local Distro

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Roasted at the Local Distro has been serving Nashville since 2022. It offers a bevy of brunch and specialty food. However, the place has a bigger purpose. It wants people to bond and build a spirit of togetherness over food. If you want to taste and experience African American culture through soulful dishes, walk into the restaurant. The place also offers full-service catering, drop-off catering, and a private chef experience right at your home’s comfort.

12. Minerva Avenue

Minerva Avenue

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Minerva Avenue offers a bar experience like no other. Here, guests don’t just drink. They soak in the culture and art scene of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the 21st century. The name Minerva Avenue comes from the founder’s childhood residence. Consequently, Minerva has a unique bar setting. Everyone who walks in is reminded of their growing-up years. All this has made it garner the reputation of one of the best cocktail lounges in Nashville.

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13. Jamicanway


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Jamicanway is the brainchild of a husband-wife duo, Ouida and David Bradshaw. It offers chicken, meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes that give guests a feel of Jamaica. Ouida has been cooking since the young age of 10. She opened Jamicanway to share her talent and provide memorable eating experiences to people. David looks after the functioning of the restaurant, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly.  Jamicanway’s cuisine has made it to the Food Network’s episodes, which you can check out on their website. The restaurant takes orders both online and offline, so there’s no reason to miss out on their signature spicy jerk chicken plate.

14. Big Al’s Deli

Big Al's Deli

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Big Al’s offers Southern comfort food to Nashville. The founder, Big Al, forces his culinary talent into every breakfast, lunch, and dinner food item. Some of the most sought-after dishes on the menu include the signature big breakfast, pancake platter, browser biscuit sandwich, and bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Big Al has been featured as a local celebrity chef on Channel 5 Talk of the Town. He has been making the appearance for the past fifteen years. He has also been on the Food Network Channel, the HeatSeekers. Big Al also offers catering services for events and functions.

15. Silver Sands Cafe

Silver Sands Cafe

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Silver Sands Cafe is one of the oldest black-owned restaurants in Nashville, serving the city for the past 50 years. The family-owned restaurant offers delicious family recipes made in southern style in Downtown Nashville. Some of the most popular items on its menu include salmon croquettes, smothered pork chops, hot water cornbread, and fried chicken. Guests love the hospitable staff and the endless choices for authentic soul food. In other words, Silver Sands Cafe is the best place to savor the best country cooking.

Wrapping Up

Nashville’s food scene is positively complemented by vibrant Black-owned restaurants. They make the city’s dining scene more eclectic. From authentic Southern comfort food to legendary hot chicken recipes, these restaurants have something for everyone. Beyond serving food, Black-owned restaurants in Nashville have a wider mission of celebrating their culture and community. With their inclusivity to Nasville’s thriving food landscape.