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Columbus is home to delicious cuisine from all over the globe. Black-owned restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, have carved a special place for themselves in Columbo’s dynamic landscape with its range of culinary offerings. From southern comfort food to rich and delicious sweet treats, these restaurants have so much to offer. Keep reading to discover 12 of the best food establishments that positively enhance the inclusive culinary landscape of Columbus.

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Black-Owned Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

1. Creole Kitchen

Creole Kitchen

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Creole Kitchen, much like its name suggests, offers flavorful Creole delicacies to guests. Chef Henry Butcher Sr., also the founder, has spent over four decades in the Columbus food industry. The family-owned restaurant offers a memorable dining experience through its popular offerings like crawfish etouffee, chicken andouille jambalaya, and blackened catfish, among others. Guests can choose the spice level in every one of their dishes. The restaurant has a casual environment, making everyone instantly feel more comfortable. From breakfast to side items, entrees, soups, and more, Creole Kitchen will fulfill the most discerning foodies out there.

2. Lalibela Restaurant Columbus

Lalibela Restaurant Columbus

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Lalibela Restaurant offers ethnic cuisine, cocktails, and mixed drinks. The restaurant has a huge, loyal customer base in the area, primarily because of its dedication to providing the best culinary experience. Some of their most-loved items include exotic names like the Ye Siga sandwich, vegetarian dishes like Mesir Wet, and rice meals like Ye Begs Tibs. The ambiance of the place is friendly, with amenities like Wi-Fi on the premises and parking available. If you want to try out black ethnic cuisine in Columbus, the place is a must-visit.

3. The Lifestyle Café

The Lifestyle Café

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The Lifestyle Café is one of the spots for those who prefer eating organic food. Founded by Shanna Chef Bae Dean, the chefs here take special care in choosing the ingredients that go into every dish, prioritizing local and natural ones at all times. The emphasis on serving customers with the highest quality, organic food stems can be attributed to the founder. Dean’s grandmother died due to preventable chronic diseases. Her mission is to offer an uncompromised eating experience that is good not only for the body but also for the environment. From flavorful entrees like chicken and waffles to taco toast and loaded fries, The Lifestyle Café will surely give plenty of reasons to return!

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4. SuperChef’s


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SuperChef’s specializes in offering succulent breakfasts. After all, isn’t that the most important meal of the day? The name, SuperChef’s, has an interesting backstory. It comes from the restaurant’s main chef, Darnell Ferguson’s exemplary cooking prowess, which he showcased when given the opportunity to be a chef in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Team U.S.A. Ferguson was dubbed as ‘SuperChef’ by those he served, which inspired the name of this eatery. SuperChef’s breakfast meals, such as veggie scramble on toast, blueberry blur, and birthday waffle, among others, all share two things in common: intense flavors and vibrant palettes. This, combined with impeccable customer service, ensures that every guest has a wonderful culinary experience.

5. Upper Cup Coffee

Upper Cup Coffee

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There is perhaps no better place for coffee lovers in the entire Columbus than Upper Cup Coffee. The place takes pride in serving customers with an authentic coffee taste, one that can never be replicated with store-bought coffee. Upper Cup Coffee houses cutting-edge roasting equipment that can roast up to 200 pounds per hour. Thus, it can satisfy coffee needs at all times, regardless of quantities and sizes. Besides an assortment of coffees, the place also serves freshly baked croissants and muffins daily. Coffee connoisseurs will relish each moment spent at this wonderful place.

6. Flavor 91 Bistro

Flavor 91 Bistro

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Flavor 91 Bistro serves Columbus with local food that comes straight from Ohio farms. The ingredients of its freshly cooked meals are locally sourced and cooked with the utmost skill to give you an unforgettable experience. The place serves a range of burgers, wings, and soup, along with drinks like beer and wine. Every dish on the menu is 100% grass-fed and made from the all-natural ingredients. It’s hard to find non-antibiotic, non-GMO, and hormone-free burgers and sandwiches in most spots today. But Flavor 91 will pleasantly surprise you as you devour every bit of their succulent items in the midst of familial hospitality.

7. The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House

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The Original Pancake House offers an original menu comprising signature items like Apple Pancake, cherry crepes, strawberry waffles, and so much more, all of which are made out of the finest and freshest ingredients. Their unique omelets, splendidly light and moist, will make you harbor a new appreciation for this widely eaten food. The continental crepe is made from a delicate blend of citrus fruits, offering a flavor unlike what you have experienced before. The Original Pancake House aims to offer the finest pancakes in the entire Columbus area, and it certainly is doing a remarkable job at it!

8. Just Chicken

Just Chicken

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Want to try the best tenders in town? Just Chicken is the place to be. The restaurant offers chicken tenders made out of the highest quality ingredients, making them one of the most sought-after places for tender lovers. Just Chicken was founded by D’Andre and Mike, who always had a simple aim: to foster connection over delicious meals. For the chefs here, tenders are easy and fun to make, something they can deliver quickly without sacrificing flavor. If you are yearning for some savory tenders, make Just Chicken your next stop.

9. Phyllis Ann’s Signature Ice Creamery

Phyllis Ann’s Signature Ice Creamery

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Phyllis Ann’s Signature Ice Creamery specializes in high-quality ice cream treats that melt in the mouth. The dessert shop uses the finest ingredients to create every sweet treat, constantly bringing new flavors to its menu. The staff is extremely hospitable and is always eager to assist customers with their requests. From classics like strawberry and chocolate to exotic ones like Southern Pecan Praline and Buckeye City, there are endless flavors to choose from. Phyllis Ann’s is the perfect place to celebrate life’s little joys by indulging in a bit of sweetness.

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10. Modern Southern Table

Modern Southern Table

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Modern Southern Table is the perfect place for lovers of authentic Southern fare. Founder Sadaya ‘Daisy’ Lewis has extensive experience in southern-style cooking, which she uses to offer some of the best macaroni, gumbo, chicken, and other Southern classics. Modern Southern Table endeavors to offer guests a memorable experience as they sit in comfort over plates of wholesome Southern meals. All the dishes are made from scratch, with recipes handed down to Lewis from her ancestors. Gathering around a table and sharing meals will never feel so good in any other place than Modern Southern Table.

11. Parable


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Parable is a coffee café and bar that does so much more than just serve the beverages. With unique offerings like Sesame Miso Caramel and Espresso and Tonic, Parable believes in equal accessibility to everything that they create inside their café for everyone. Those unable to afford coffee from this place can ask the staff to put their names on their community card. It urges those who have more to contribute to their community card. With a seasonally changing menu of coffees and drinks, the place is worth trying out for pretty much everyone in town.

12. West Side Slice

West Side Slice

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West Side Slice is a family-owned pizza business on Colombo’s west end. The pizzas are one of a kind, made from quality ingredients. West Side Slice is unlike the usual pizza joints. They use recipes passed down for generations so everyone gets a pizza-eating experience, unlike what they have experienced before. From classic pizzas to signature ones and specials, their range of offerings can leave anyone spoilt for choice. This, combined with the regular 15% off on Mondays and Thursdays, makes West Side Slice the best pizza eatery in Columbus.

Summing Up

As you can see, Columbus is filled with several great black-owned restaurants that satisfy the cravings of all food lovers. The list here includes everything from cafes to restaurants and bakeries. Exploring black-owned eating establishments will not only feature your taste buds but also give you a chance to explore the rich cultural stories behind each of them. If you’re looking for a taste of diversity and community, consider visiting these black-owned restaurants in Columbus, Ohio.