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E-commerce has become an enormous industry. The retail e-commerce market is projected to reach 4.2 trillion dollars, and it is expected to grow at an annual rate of 9%. With this kind of growth potential, you might wonder how to get your piece of the pie. The holidays are coming up, so it’s time for some tricks and tips from experts! This article will discuss ten eCommerce marketing strategies that will help you succeed in eCommerce over the holiday season.

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eCommerce Marketing Strategies

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with your audience and keep them informed about upcoming sales, new products, or any other relevant information you want them to know about. There are many ways to set up an email campaign, but we’ll focus on just the basics – how it works and what type of subject lines work best for e-commerce business owners during the holiday season. To be successful in this area, make sure that you have a good list going into these campaigns, identify if there’s anything noteworthy happening around the holidays, such as “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday,” and create content explicitly related to those events so people will open their emails rather than mark them as spam.

2. Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the best eCommerce marketing strategies to connect with your customers, build awareness about the products in your store, and find new followers! The key here is consistency because you must post at least once per day, if not more, during peak times such as holidays so people can see what they’re missing out on by choosing to follow other pages instead of yours. It would be best to try providing exclusive discount codes for social media users only or running contests with prizes like cash, gift cards, etc. Those things will ensure that you keep current followers interested and attract potential leads who may have never heard of your company. 

3. Bundle Offer

Bundle Offer

The bundle offer is a great way to entice your existing customers this holiday season. It’s also perfect for anyone looking to purchase gifts or who needs an entire outfit in one go – like during Christmas when you need something special. Plus, bundle offers are not just limited to those shopping year-round; they work well with seasonal buyers, too – such as Valentine shoppers who want everything at once so all of their loved ones can be happy on the big day and other occasions where you might otherwise spend two separate times buying these items individually because there was no better deal out there until now.

A good example would be if someone wanted socks but was thinking about getting shoes later today: why wouldn’t he buy them both together? Bundle offers make your customers’ holidays extra special. They offer great value, convenience, and an easy way to purchase gifts for the whole family at one time without breaking a budget!

4. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for your e-commerce store and an excellent tool for marketing products. The best eCommerce marketing strategy here would be to use the “pin it” button on posts with people searching for holiday decorations or beautiful home décor items. You can also create boards with niche content explicitly related to different customer needs – such as recipes if you’re a cooking supply company! One crucial point about this type of marketing is not afraid to share any negative reviews because what customers want most from you during difficult times (like holidays) is honesty.”

5. Content Marketing

It’s creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract an audience that you can present with your products or services so they’ll buy from you instead of someone else. The key to successful content marketing is providing value for your readers by sharing exclusive information about topics related to their needs or interests over time instead of trying to sell them something immediately. You should also provide opportunities for interaction like quizzes, polls, surveys, etc. Creating content is time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be a one-person job. You can hire someone to help or outsource your work.

Sponsored content is an excellent way for e-commerce companies to promote their products or services. Still, it can also be used to increase your business’s credibility and establish yourself as an industry expert. Limiting this eCommerce marketing strategy to only one or two monthly posts is best because people tend not to like being sold too often before they want something.

6. Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile devices are taking over the internet. No matter how intuitive your site is, it’s worth looking at the mobile user experience. The number of people using a mobile device instead of a desktop has increased exponentially in recent years. For example, there were eight times as many smartphone visitors as desktops on Thanksgiving Day last year! The increasing popularity of mobile devices means that designing your website with only one type of user in mind impacts users for the worse. Mobile users will be much happier if they can find what they want using a large format-friendly site instead of being left frustrated without any satisfaction from navigating through a desktop-only website.

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7. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to earn more money and should be in every e-commerce business. These cards have been one of the most successful eCommerce marketing strategies for an online store to make additional revenue during their busiest time or after fulfilling all other orders filed before them. If your company sells anything related to fashion, you may not know how lucrative it is if these gift card options exist. Gift cards are perfect for those who don’t want to make the wrong choice. It’s like giving someone cash and telling them they can choose what their money gets spent on! Gift cards are perfect for people who are unsure which one would suit that individual best. From clothing stores or concert tickets – there’s something that everyone will love!

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8. Holiday-themed Packaging

Many companies use the holidays to increase sales by personalizing their products with holiday-themed packaging. This is an excellent way for customers to feel more connected with your company and have an enjoyable experience during the busiest time of year. The colors of red, green, blue, or pink will make any customer feel at home in their online shopping experience for gifts during the holiday season. 

9. Free Shipping and Discounts

Free Shipping and Discounts

Gifts are a great way to show that you care about someone. Customers need plenty of options when they contact your store, ensuring that the number isn’t limited or too expensive. You can offer free shipping on all orders over 100 dollars and discounts like 20% off if they spend more than USD 50. These things will help bring people back into your shop and attract new ones! 

10. Translate Your Site Into Different Languages

It’s also one of the important eCommerce marketing strategies to let potential customers know what kind of payment methods you accept from different countries worldwide. For example, if you are in Korea, your currency is KRW, but most people don’t know how much USD is. If people don’t understand KRW and its conversion to USD, it may discourage many people from shopping. It would help if you also consider translating your site into different languages for international customers who want to purchase or browse around your e-commerce store but can’t read English. It’s a simple investment that will pay off when you have more potential buyers and an improved customer experience for those who are not literate in the language used on the website!


The holidays are when people shop to get gifts for their loved ones and often spend more money than they originally intended because it’s such an emotional process – so, as e-commerce owners, you need to take advantage of that! We’ve compiled ten eCommerce marketing strategies to help get your product on top of people’s minds during these busy shopping days. Some are simple, and some take longer, but they all can be effective if used correctly. Which one is going to work best for you? Let us know! Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom to send you our latest blog posts as soon as they’re life. Happy holidays!