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A new era of work is here. Remote workers are now the norm, and they need to be supported to succeed. How will remote workers do it without support? The answer: an employee suggestion box app.

Employee Suggestion Box App

Here are some reasons for companies to consider an employee suggestion box app.

  • Since remote workers are less likely to know the ins and outs of their company’s culture, an employee suggestion box app can help them feel like part of a community. It will let them offer ideas for how they would improve the workplace and have input on any issues that may arise. 
  • A remote worker is more likely to be happy with their job if there is at least some sense that they are being heard- especially if work hours happen outside business hours. An employee suggestion box app lets these employees easily submit feedback to make it clear what needs improvement without hurting feelings or ruffling feathers. It gives all parties involved peace of mind, knowing where things stand! 
  • Remote workers are more likely to need some form of encouragement or recognition if they don’t have a boss in the room. An employee suggestion box app can provide them with quick feedback, letting them know what type of work is valued and what needs improvement so that there’s no question about where their job stands. Here are 25+ expert opinions on why an organization should use an employee suggestion box app.
  • Without an employee suggestion box app, an organization will pay for it eventually- either by litigation fees after ignoring employees’ complaints or wasted time from unproductive workers who feel like they’re being ignored. As remote employers become increasingly common, this tool has never been more relevant!

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