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The history of the blog dates back to 1994, when Justin Hall, a student from Swarthmore College, wrote his first blog on Links.net. At that time, it was not considered a blog but a way of writing a personal page and sharing thoughts. Then, in 1997, the term “weblog” was coined by John Barger, a blogger for Robot Wisdom. It was only in 1999 that the word “weblog” was shortened and given the term blog by Peter Merholz.

How To Reach More Customers With Blogging?

In the early years of its inception, a blog was more of a personal platform sharing various information posted in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing at first. Nowadays, blogging has become entirely professional and can be used to share your thoughts or information or to updates about your business.

A blog post is an individual web page on your website related to your blog’s sub-topic. The blogger shares their thoughts or helpful information that may help people gain in-depth knowledge about the topic or subject.

This blog post has collected the points on how a blogger can reach a large audience to share their information or help their businesses upscale by reaching out to the masses.   

How can you make the most from your blogging site?

Several strategies can be used to scale up your blog and reach out to a more significant number of people. Some of them are described as such.

Write attractive titles.

As per Google guidelines, it gives more attention to websites regularly updated with high-quality content. Hence, a minimum of two blogs are required per week to bring the attention of the Google search engine to your website.

Reach More Customers With Blogging -Write attractive titles.

The creative and attractive titles that are self-explanatory of the content provided in the blog attract more visitors to your website. The more the number of visitors to your website, the more the number of clicks on the given information, and hence, a better notice of your blog or website by the people who are interested in the topic or subject provided in your blog.

Promote the content by sharing it on Social Media platforms

The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have many people that remain online. When shared on such platforms, your website or blog post is visible to a vast population that can be harnessed to upgrade the visitors to your website and your business. 

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Stick to your niche

A straightforward website theme following the topics and sub-topics of them will make you and your work more precise to the audience. The issues from various interests might need to be clarified with your website and the type of information it wants to provide. Hence, clearly understand your work and the topics or information you share on the website.

Try to include photos and videos in your blog post.

The creative content is what all like to read and show interest in. The photos and videos that resemble the content of your blog post create interest in the readers and bring more clarity to the subject of your blog. It also helps boost SEO or search engine optimization of your blog post and your website. But remember not to copy and paste any photo or video on your website as it may have copyright and legal issues from Google or the individual entity.

Reach More Customers With Blogging- photos and videos in your blog post.

Try incorporating keywords and links in your blog post

Keywords are considered the heart of SEO. The specific keywords on each blog post will attract more visitors to your website. Incorporating keywords in your post also helps Google know about your website or page and the information provided on it.

The links to any page, like on your social media account or to the play store, to download your app helps visitors quickly get more information about your website with very little hard work.

Blogs help share information or your thoughts about a specific topic but also help in boosting and upgrade your business. The influential blog write-ups help attract more people to your website generating heavy traffic that can be converted to potential buyers of your product or service. Keeping in mind specific associated legal issues, blog posts, and websites can help immensely promote your brand, product, service, or business.


A well-written blog interests readers who revisit the same website for more information on the related subject. Hence, blogging can bring many benefits in promoting yourself or your business.