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To make a C-suite presentation, one must be confident that the strategy and ROI are worth the investment. It’s not enough to say it – you need facts and evidence. Here are some different ways to present ROI to the C-suite so they’re more likely to invest in your idea. 

c-suite presentation

1. Showing that your idea has been successful for other companies can be very convincing. If you know of any company that has successfully implemented the same strategy, do a case study to show what they did and how it worked well. If possible, you could even include some financial information in C-Suite presentation so that the C-suite knows how much money was saved/earned because of this customer experience initiative!

2. One way to make CX strategy investment decisions easier for the C-suite is by bringing in a financial analyst. This person can help put the numbers into perspective so that it’s not just an abstract figure but rather something they can see and understand.

C-Suite Presentation

3. If you are going to do any measurement, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep your measurements as specific as possible (i.e., “reduce customer service calls by 15%”) instead of vague ideas like “increase sales.” The more concrete you are about what success looks like, the better chance you have at achieving it!
  • Always use data from within your company when available – this will eliminate concerns over bias or inaccuracy since it comes from a source that knows the company best.
  • If you can’t obtain any internal data, use metrics like Net Promoter Score or customer satisfaction rating instead of using your judgment. These are generally more objective and less likely to be inaccurate than other methods (e.g., asking everyone in your office whether they think the changes have made an impact).

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4. Finally, estimate ROI so that it’s clear why this investment makes sense for them! This will help give them peace of mind about their decision-making process since now they know exactly what they’re getting out of this project financially and operationally. You don’t need to work out very complex numbers if you don’t want/need to. But even if you include a high-level estimate, including ROI and other financial calculations can be incredibly helpful for the C-Suite to see where their money is going.