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7 Rules of Life

Life can be bittersweet. But that is what makes it so beautiful. The bitterness or pain we experience helps us grow and appreciate things we took for granted before. The sweetness or the happiness helps us live joyfully, looking forward to each day.

However, at certain points in time, we need extra guidance. Sometimes, life feels too overwhelming. These times can be made easier by learning about the 7 rules of life. Developed by Stephen R. Covey, they help us to shift our focus towards what really matters. What really matters is what helps us live life meaningfully every day. Let’s dive into the 7 rules of life to gain new insights into living joyfully.

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7 Rules of Life

1. Let Go of Your Past

Let Go of Your Past

Every one of us has experienced difficult circumstances in the past. The pain we felt still lingers in our consciousness, preventing us from enjoying our lives in the present moment. We might regret what we should have done but never did, or we might have experienced certain traumatic events that seem etched in our memories.

The more we ruminate over them, the more we snatch away the joy from our lives. Remember, the past is gone. No amount of thinking over things will help you go back and resolve situations or save yourself from experiencing pain. So, the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath, realize that you are not your past, and let go of it. 

Accept what happened to you, and forgive those who did you wrong. Whenever you find yourself thinking the same old thoughts from the past, remind yourself to live in the present moment. Choose to focus on different, happier thoughts each day. You will soon find yourself experiencing freedom from the shackles of your past.

2. Do Not Care What Others Think of You

Do Not Care What Others Think of You

Caring what others think of you is like doing a disservice to yourself. People will always have an opinion about you. It’s how the human mind works. But you don’t have to let their opinion be your guiding light. Think about it. When you constantly think about what others think of you and mould your actions, so they align with what they want you to do, what kind of message are you sending to yourself? You are signalling that your wants and needs are less important than others. In other words, you matter less, and others matter more. Constantly submitting to other’s wills will make you hide your true character and thinking. It will make you lose your uniqueness. Always remember that it’s your life, and you can choose to live it as you desire.

3. Give Yourself Time to Heal

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Undoubtedly, the painful experiences you underwent still haunt you. Life seems too difficult at the moment. But know that you will soon get to a place where you feel genuinely happy. And how do you do that? Not by thinking about past experiences or the unpleasant situations in your life right now. It is by focusing on what is working for you or what brings you joy.

You won’t heal your wounds in a single day or even a few weeks. But you will surely recover at some point. The secret is to give yourself time to heal. When you shift your focus to things that make you happy and give yourself time to come out of the painful thoughts, you are eventually guided into things that help your healing. So, choose empowering thoughts every day, trust your feelings, and soon you’ll find yourself in a much better place.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is, again, a disservice that you do to yourself. It stops you from focusing on your unique talents and how far you’ve come in life. Here’s an interesting fact about comparison. By comparing ourselves to others, our minds try to develop an understanding of who we are and what we excel at. It also tries to identify what we aren’t good at. This happens in the background without our conscious realization. 

However, dwelling on what others are good at and constantly comparing will only rob you of happiness. Everything, from your mental health to confidence and well-being, will go for a toss. You will be entangled in a self-imposed battle regarding how you need to work harder and where you are lacking. Contrarily, focusing on what you are grateful for and celebrating your accomplishments will make you truly happy. You’ll be primed to achieve more success in your endeavours.

5. Stay Calm Under Stressful Situations

Stay Calm Under Stressful Situations

Life is a roller coaster ride. No one has it all figured out. But stressing over it will only cause you to feel anxious. On the other hand, staying calm will allow you to tap into the guidance needed to make the right decisions. Staying calm is the ability to quieten the mind. When the mind is quiet, you are less likely to experience worry or anxiety. It helps you become internally resilient. Thus, you are less dependent on outside events. Things like meditation, adequate sleep, taking deep breaths, and getting fresh air all help you become calmer. Once you are calm, you’ll find yourself making better and more logical decisions. This is because you won’t be carried away by your emotions.

6. Realize That You Are in Charge of Your Happiness

Realize That You Are in Charge of Your Happiness

Realizing that it’s YOUR life and you should be the one who is happy and satisfied with it has powerful consequences. It makes you stop self-sabotaging behavior. This is crucial for those who feel like they are being controlled by other people’s opinions on most days. An example of neglecting our happiness is behaving differently in front of others to please them. Another is to take the criticism of someone too seriously, letting it disturb your mental well-being.  

So, take charge of your happiness. Say no when your heart’s not in something. Keep your word always and resolve your own internal conflicts. Think good about yourself to raise your self-esteem. These actions will help you become a happier and more joyful individual.

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7. Enjoy Life While You Have It

Enjoy Life While You Have It

Life is short. Days fly by to make way for weeks, and the next moment, you know, you’ve lived another year! So, enjoy the little things in life. Be grateful for your loved ones and the time you are getting to spend with them. At the same time, don’t force yourself to remain cheerful all the time. If you feel sadness or pain, feel those emotions. However, do not dwell on them. feeling them once will reduce their power over you. You will experience a kind of freedom that will help you live your life with new renewed vigor. 

Summing Up

These 7 rules of life provide a system for living life joyfully and meaningfully. It enables you to take charge of your happiness, which in turn, positively influences the rest of your life. Implement these rules or note them somewhere. You can turn to them whenever you feel the need to do so. Ultimately, they will help you live with more clarity and positivity.