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What is Allen-Bradley

What is Allen-Bradley?

Rockwell Automation owns the Allen-Bradley brand, which is used to identify a line of factory automation equipment. Programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centers, and systems of such products are all produced by the company, which had revenues of about US $6.4 billion in 2013. 

In addition, Rockwell Automation offers consulting and repair services for asset management. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serves as the home base for Rockwell Automation. A famous landmark in Milwaukee, the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower houses the biggest four-sided clock in the Western Hemisphere.

Dr. Stanton Allen and Lynde Bradley founded the business in 1903 under the Compression Rheostat Company with a $1,000 initial investment. When the company changed its name to Allen-Bradley Company in 1910, it continued to supply the majority of discrete resistors for electronics and other products for the next century. A subsidiary employing more than 1000 people was established in 1952 in Galt, Ontario, Canada. The fiscal year ended in 1985 with $1 billion in sales, setting a new record for the company. 

The largest acquisition in Wisconsin history was made by Rockwell International when it acquired Allen-Bradley in February 1985 for $1.651 billion (equivalent to $3.58 billion in 2021). Allen-Bradley effectively took over Rockwell’s industrial automation division. Later, Rockwell relocated its corporate headquarters to Milwaukee. Allen-Bradley joined Rockwell Automation’s automation division in 2002 when Rockwell split into two businesses.

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Different Benefits of Authorized Distributor Network

The Allen-Bradley authorized distributor network provides exceptional knowledge and service to help you plan, implement, and support your automation investment. Rockwell Automation partners with authorized distributors to deliver advanced automation, electrical supply chain management, and top-notch local support. There are different benefits of the Authorized Distribution Network, including 

1. Address Problems and Offer Solutions

The authorized distributor network helps set up the system for Integrated Architecture Systems and cooperating components. The customer training program offered by this network also assists in enhancing your knowledge. The network commissions support a low-cost service that can hasten the installation and startup of your application or plant. Business operations are made more effective using the supply chain solutions provided by the authorized distributor network.

2. Access to Information and Skill

The authorized distributor network aids in acquiring the necessary industry experience for in-depth familiarity with important vertical industries for regional markets. Additionally, they assist in supplying technical consultants with a focus on industrial and automation applications. In addition, the authorized network offers automation specialists skilled in integrating data and controlling machines, lines, processes, and entire plants. Furthermore, the commercial and technical resources address various business challenges.

3. Access to Goods, Services, and Individuals

Access to local inventory matched to customers’ needs is available through the network of authorized distributors. Furthermore, it helps by offering local support for all the services you require to the demand in your area and when you need it. Additionally, a flexible order entry system made possible by a distributor network in your area makes it simple to get the required products. They also help to provide all the electrical services in your area.

By increasing customer productivity and promoting sustainability, Rockwell Automation, the largest company in the world devoted to industrial automation and information, benefits its clients and the global environment. Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software, two of Rockwell Automation’s most recognizable product brands, are renowned for their innovation and excellence.

Rockwell Automation collaborates with the best partners in the world to provide top-notch solutions for your business challenges. This distribution network has a wide range of services that includes

  1. Asset optimization and workforce services: These include equipment repair, equipment remanufacturing, asset and equipment inventory management, application remote support, and monitoring. 
  2. Cybersecurity and network infrastructure: The distribution network also provides services for cybersecurity, industrial network infrastructure, and pre-engineered networking solutions. 

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Solid collaborations with different authorized distributors begin with a shared commitment to offer customers the best value possible. Moreover, you get thorough management of your electrical supply inventory, in-depth staff training, and measurable cost savings. Additionally, with the help of this service, you will have more time to concentrate on your core competencies and strengthen your competitive edge.

There is a rapid evolution in manufacturing. For the sake of remaining competitive, everyone must adopt new technologies. You need the most dependable, cutting-edge hardware and software from a seasoned industry leader to outperform the competition and maintain that advantage. Using Rockwell Automation solutions, your plant and business can achieve new heights of control, effectiveness, and innovation.