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The pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that help people make their exercise routine or workout regime much more effective. These supplements are consumed before a workout session and help in boosting performance. Epidemiological studies have claimed that they are the second most commonly consumed supplement, the first being multivitamins. Though the ingredients in the pre-workout supplement depend on the type and amount of the product, caffeine has become the most common active ingredient in these pre-workout supplements. Along with caffeine, other commonly used components include creatine, amino acids, and vitamins. 

Excelsior is also one such pre-workout nutritional supplement manufactured and formulated by the company known as Imperial Nutrition. A 5.3 gm of a proprietary blend in Excelsior makes it mysteriously powerful. This brand has remained immensely popular among the pre-work supplements category and is compared with other known brands, including Craze and Jack3d. Excelsior is among the high-stim pre-workout supplements that help build muscle mass and alleviate the energy, focus, and concentration of the person consuming it.

What is an Excelsior pre-workout supplement?

Many retailers, including Muscle Players, Supps Central, Supp Kingz, and My Supplement Plug in the United States, sell Excelsior across different states. Predator Nutrition is the best place to find this supplement in countries like the UK, Europe, etc.

Excelsior is considered the most potent and influential of all the known pre-workout supplements that give an instant hit of energy, providing hard-core energy and intensity and skin-tearing pumps in the body of the person going for workout sessions. This blog has reviewed the contents of Excelsior and its positive and negative impacts on the body after prolonged consumption.

Reviewing the Excelsior: a pre-workout supplement

Imperial Nutrition has formulated Excelsior as a pre-workout supplement. A single container of Excelsior consists of 30 servings, while one scoop of the product includes a total of 6gm. The supplement consists of a 5.3 gm of mysterious blend that helps in boosting energy. The product is developed after blending certain products that include L-Citrulline, Trimethylglycine, Kigelia Africana Extract (fruit), anhydrous caffeine, bauhinia purpurea extract (leaf and pod), bitter orange extract (fruit), octopamine, and hawthorn extract (fruit).

L-Citrulline is a nitric oxide booster with one of the staple ingredients in pre-workout supplements. Its main aim is increasing the blood flow and maximizing the pumps. Trimethyl-glycerine, also called Betaine, significantly impacts muscle endurance and power output. Anhydrous caffeine aids in improving focus and performance while doing exercise.

Reviewing the Excelsior: a pre-workout supplement

Kigelia Africana is a stimulant that activates your central nervous system, helps boost energy, and provides a distinguished sense of feeling. This happens because of an increased neurotransmitter activity from the brain to the muscles. This ingredient also provides a mild analgesic (pain relieving) effect. Bauhinia Purpurea accelerates the metabolic rate, meaning body fat consumption is elevated. An improved metabolic rate, along with an increase in circulating levels of T3 and T4, helps increase lean muscle mass as the protein turnover rate is enhanced with an improved metabolic rate.

Hawthorne helps in reducing the MAO (monoamine oxidase) by 50%. This aids in counteracting its attack and inactivating the stimulants in the bloodstream. Bitter Orange Extract (BOE) consists of several products that inhibit the drug-metabolizing enzymes in the body called as CYP system. Both BOE and hawthorn help extend the stimulants’ life to improve and prolong their effects on the body.

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The effects of Excelsior remain for a prolonged period maintaining the high energy and intensity in the body. It alleviates concentration and focuses on the people consuming the supplement. While preserving muscle mass, Excelsior helps reduce body fat in a balanced manner.

Every coin has two sides, and so does Excelsior. Apart from having so many of the positive points in the ingredients and formulations of the product, it, too, has some side effects that are viable after long-term usage. The supplement suppresses the appetite and reduces the urge to eat food. It also alters the sense of the taste buds, thus reducing the diet of the individual. Excelsior is also not readily available at present times. It has got tough to find out in the ongoing times.  


Excelsior hits hard on the blood, muscles, and body and gets the person involved with improved focus, attention, and energy levels. But on the other hand, the reports claim that the product is detrimental to the mood of the people consuming the product.

Conclusively, this pre-workout supplement fulfills the requirements of people doing heavy workout sessions, but the choice of product selection depends on the person consuming it. Keyword to include: Pre-workout