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Food brings you Closer to the Culture and Tradition.

Culture can be described as the way of life that include art, certain beliefs, ideas, norms, and the values of a population that is passed on from one generation to the next. Local food is greatly influenced by the culture of the place, including the religious background and family ethics and principles. Food is a medium that helps immigrants find their respective places in a new society.

scrumptious traditional recipes

Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist, described the food as not just a medium of nutrition but also an essential means of cultural exchange with family, friends, and relatives. Food, especially the local recipes, is passed on from generation to generation, which lets you connect yourself with the values of your ancestors.

Specific recipes are specially cooked during the festival or any other special occasion. This is done as a custom of offering some typical dish to God and celebrating the day with zeal. It also helps bring uniqueness and break the monopoly of your daily routine cycle. This blog is structured to help you know about different recipes that you can relish at the time of any special occasion that brings you closer to your tradition and culture.

Recipes that Add Flavour to the Joy of Special Occasions

Every country has its own culture, tradition, and food, depending on the geographical distribution and the customs followed by the local population. Festivals and special occasions are ways of celebrating life together with family, friends, and relatives. food acts as a catalyst, making the celebration more buoyant. Some of the dishes that are served on special occasions and cultural fests are described in this blog.

Grilled Lobster

It is not considered a regular dish, but something being served on special occasions and relished with family and friends. The lobsters are boiled initially for about 10 minutes before cooking. These are then smeared with some butter, salt, and pepper. The smeared lobsters are finally kept in the oven for grilling. For garnishing, take some corn, sauté them in butter or olive oil over a stove, fry them a little, and remove them from the flame. Other ingredients like jalapenos, basil, scallions, and lime juice add flavor to the whole dish. 

scrumptious traditional recipes -Grilled Lobster

Salt-Baked Sea Bass 

The recipe is specially designed to get served for the cultural and traditional fests where family and friends gather together. Sea-Bass is a salt crust that is relatively easy and simple to cook with a few added ingredients that make it a flavourful dish. The fish is filled with lemon peels, fresh thyme, and fennel fronds. A mixture of fennel seeds, coarse salt, and Ricard liqueur is smeared over the fish and baked for about 10-15 minutes. The dish is quite delectable and is loved by people of all age groups.

Cheese Dip

Cheese dips or whipped ricotta have always been the most popular snack at gatherings or family meetings. You have to whip the homemade or packaged ricotta with a blender and upraise the mood of any party or special feast. To make it savory, add olives or pickled beets; for a sweet flavor, add basil-infused honey or peach cardamom. The dip can be used with any snack to make it extra toothsome.

scrumptious traditional recipes - Cheese Dip


Paella is an authentic cuisine with its origin in Spain, prepared out of rice that is cooked with meat, including chicken, mutton, pork, veal, lamb, seafood, and vegetables with a tint of saffron flavor. Some fresh local herbs and wild mushrooms add an extra flavor to the dish. When added, the spices and different condiments give a delectable flavor to the whole dish that is enjoyed by people belonging to every age group and cultural background.

There are many ways to cook eggs, but over hard eggs are among the most underrated. They’re simple to make and perfect for a quick and easy breakfast or snack. This article will discuss how to make over-hard eggs that are delicious and perfectly cooked. We’ll also provide tips and tricks for ensuring your eggs turn out great every time!

All-American Banana Split

The dish is simple and quick to prepare, with some essential ingredients in every household. An entire banana is taken and split into half. Keep the split banana on a dessert plate, and a scoop full of ice cream of your choice is kept in between. Some other ingredients, like colorful sugary balls and others, are then sprinkled over it to add extra flavor. The dish is a basic from Pennsylvania and is now loved in every family gathering and other get-togethers. 


Food is a medium that can form a strong link between you and the cultural background you belong to. This blog explains some of the easy and quick dishes to prepare and make your get-togethers on special occasions memorable ones for life.