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concentric advisors interview questions

Concentric Advisors is a renowned risk management firm that offers security and intelligence services. Thousands of aspirants look forward to securing a lucrative career opportunity at the firm every year. But you must pass various interview rounds to embark on a successful career here. So, knowledge of Concentric Advisors interview questions is immensely beneficial. Preparing to crack the interview will become easy when you know the questions. It will enable you to showcase your skills and knowledge best. If you are eager to give the interview at Concentric Advisors, this post will be handy. We have compiled the top interview questions and shown how you can answer them.

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Q1. Please share an instance of a complicated threat assessment that you were able to manage successfully.

Please share an instance of a complicated threat assessment that you were able to manage successfully

Answer this question by elaborating on any security threat assessment that you did. For example, it can be a data leak that you assessed by analyzing network traffic and employee behavior. Elaborate on your findings and the steps you took to manage and remediate the threat. Also, discuss the measures you took afterward to eliminate all possibilities of the threat.

Q2. What motivates you to choose your current role in our company?

Explain why you are passionate about getting the current role. Further, elaborate on how it will contribute toward your career growth. You should also mention how your technical background and skills align with the role you aim for at Concentric Advisors.

Q3. What is your approach toward client engagements, and how do you ensure effective communication throughout the process?

Start by stating the importance of effective communication with clients. After that, explain what effective client communication looks like for you. Further, explain some ways by which you ensure proper collaboration with clients throughout a particular project. The answer to this question has three different parts. You should briefly but clearly explain these parts.

Q4. Do you know about the investment strategies that Concentric Advisors offer?

Do you know about the investment strategies that Concentric Advisors offer

This question tests your knowledge of the company. You should know that Concentric Advisors offers three investment strategies: secular, covering Energy over 10 to 30 years; Business Cycle, which focuses on growth and stagnation over one to ten years; and Tactical, for routine market adjustments over one to twelve months.

Q5. How do you influence policy development and insider threat management decisions without directly controlling those areas?

This question is to analyze your leadership abilities and the impact you make. You can answer by saying that your influence results from nurturing strong relationships and demonstrating your expertise. To persuade the senior management who directly controls policy development related to insider threat, you highlight the consequences of inaction. At this point, explain how you highlight these things and your approaches. These can be case studies or a cost-benefit assessment of potential security threats.

Q6. How do you elaborate on your proudest professional achievement?

Elaborate on your proudest professional achievement

This is a very straightforward question. But often, candidates aren’t able to give a satisfying answer. This is because of a lack of clarity. You must clearly explain your proudest accomplishment by specifying the problem and the solution you implemented. Also, define the exact way in which your solution resulted in the problem resolution.

Q7. How do you maintain your efficiency and composure under stress?

This question is meant to evaluate your ability to function under high-pressure situations. An ideal answer would include describing your problem-solving skills and how you tackle the tasks at hand. For example, you can prioritize tasks according to their urgency and importance. It is also wise to mention the importance of communicating with your team members to keep everyone updated on the progress.

What do you do to keep yourself abreast of industry trends

You can answer this question well by outlining your commitment to continuous learning. This is exactly the reason behind asking this question. Tell the interviewer about how you stay up-to-date with the industry trends. Your sources may include professional networks, courses, or industry publications you have subscribed to. Whatever you mention, ensure to be specific about it. If you are saying that you regularly read publications, mention their names. Similarly, tell the entire name of the course you undertook to stay updated with industry advancements.

Q9. Suppose you observed that one of your team members had not met their targets for a few months. What will be your approach to this situation?

Through this question, the interviewer aims to determine how you act in difficult situations. They evaluate your problem-solving and decision-making abilities. An ideal answer would be that you first determine where the expectations between the employee and their role do not align well. Afterward, you schedule a one-on-one, face-to-face conversation with the team member. Here, you convey their underperformance in a language that is not offensive or hurtful. It is also important to give specific examples of instances where the employee did not do the job as expected. Finally, communicate their expectations and the consequences of not performing accordingly.

Q10. What, according to you, are the most critical skills that a security consultant needs?

This question requires you to define the key skills of a security consultant. Skills and abilities like effective communication, strategic thinking, technical and soft skills are essential. Elaborate briefly on the importance of each of these skills.

Q11. How do you create a security plan for a client?

How do you create a security plan for a client

This interview question requires you to elaborate on your ability to assess risks and implement solutions. You should emphasize the steps you take and their benefits. Further, explain the importance of tailoring a security plan according to different clients’ security risks and objectives.

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Summing Up

The questions asked in the Concentric Advisors interview mainly test candidates’ problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills. By knowing how to respond appropriately, you immensely increase your chances of getting selected. This list of questions will help you prepare for the interview. Prepare well and have confidence in yourself. It will help you position yourself as a suitable candidate for the job role at Concentric.