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VR or virtual reality headset is a head-mounted device that gives an experience of virtual reality to its wearer. VR headsets have been immensely used while playing VR video games. Their use in other applications, including simulators and trainers, has also been known to occur.

VR headsets include a stereoscopic display (provides separate images for each eye), stereo sound, and sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes that track the position of the user’s head to match the orientation of the virtual camera with the user’s eye position in the real world. This technology is called by the name head-tracking in the VR industry. A few VR headsets are now available with in-built eye-tracking sensors and gaming controllers.

The history of VR technology-based headsets dates back to 1991, when Sega VR first announced the launch of VR headsets. Forte VFX1 announced their early VR headsets in 1994 at CES (Consumer Electric Show, an annual trade show organized by Consumer Technology Association at Las Vegas Convention Center). Sony released its first VR headset under Glasstron in 1997 with an optional positional sensor allowing the wearer to view the surroundings and get a completely new experience with deep immersion.

The Ultimate VR Experience with Homido Headset

VR headsets can be divided into three categories: Standalone VR, Smartphone VR, and PC VR. Standalone VR headsets do not use any additional equipment and are wireless in their function, while Smartphone VR works in collaboration with your smartphone devices, as the name suggests. PC VR headsets need a powerful Personal Computer or PC to get a virtually real experience.

The Homido VR headset is designed to accept any smartphone and provide a real-time experience. This blog has been structured to provide you with information about the Homido VR headsets and get reviews about the best experience with them.

Homido Headsets: A Review

Homido VR headsets can fit in front of your smartphone and work on the same principle as Google Cardboard, i.e., it has two lenses inside the device to view the content designed for VR or virtual reality. It has a plastic construction like that of Samsung’s Gear VR, with the only difference being that Homido VR headsets are universal and are compatible with every smartphone, while Samsung’s Gear VR headsets can be used only with those phones that Samsung has deemed worthy.

The two dials on the Homido headsets aid in changing the distance between your smartphone’s display and the distance between the two lenses. This provides a much better virtual-real experience and more profound familiarity with the virtual world. The headset strap around your head is comfortable, with the foam surrounding the complete strap giving you a comfortable VR experience. The Cardboard Apps specially designed for the VR experience are all compatible with these Homido VR headsets. Homido Center is the app by Homido that is designed to give a starting point guide and vast content to help you on your way to a VR experience. 

Since 2014, Homido has been working towards making your VR experience one step ahead of others by simplifying the search for content and bringing the headsets in a specific range that is within reach of all.

Homido is a French-labeled tech company partnered with Google for the WWGC program and intends to serve high-quality VR headsets affordable for all. The Homido products are also available for customization, thus providing a deep insight into the virtually real world in a comfortable environment. 

Homido Headsets: A Review

The Homido VR headsets are marketing 2.0 tools and have partnered with many virtual reality education programs. Homido has made its place among the world leaders in the sector of VR technology by bringing together about 250,000 students so far. The immersive therapeutic applications provided by VR technology have now been able to help in diagnosing and treating many disorders prevalent among human beings. Practicing your favorite sport with a virtual reality experience with Homido Prime and V2 headsets provides a deep insight into sports activity. 

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Homido products are available in numerous varieties, including Homido Prime, Grab, Mini, V2, and customized products. The headset has a 100⁰ field of view which is pretty good for a VR headset.


Homido VR headsets provide a top-notch VR headset within a decent price range. The virtual-real experience through these headsets is of good quality. The user can comfortably experience the immersive virtual-real world through a smartphone at home. The blog has tried to cover all the highlights of this VR headset.