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Top 12 Black-Owned Nail Salons in the United States

The black community has showcased its artistry in several fields. The nail industry is not an exception. Gone are the days when you couldn’t spot a full-service black salon in the United States. Today, they have sprouted all over the states, offering quality, professional nail services. Black owned nail salons offer it all, whether you are into neutral shades, blingy looks, long nail extensions, or gel nails. Here are 12 such parlors that you must check out.

Best 12 Black Owned Nail Salons

1. Marche Rue Dix, Brooklyn

Marche Rue Dix, Brooklyn

Marche Rue Dix in Brooklyn is one of the most loved nail studios. This full-service salon is loved for its inviting environment that makes the customers feel like celebrities. The studio is a tribute to black females who pioneered nail artistry. Today, the studio offers extensive nail art, manicures, and pedicure. It has recently opened its collection of premier nail lacquer, which is a lineup of 45 highly pigmented shades. All of them are fully vegan, non-toxic, and free of cruelty.

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2. Bed of Nails, New York

Bed of Nails, New York

Bed of Nails is a black-owned high-end nail salon that offers various services besides nail art. It includes luxury manicure and spa services. One of the distinctive features of this studio is that all its services are waterless. The technicians do nail care using the E-file. It results in flawless and robust nails. From Russian manicures to nail extensions of any length, you can avail of various facilities here.

3. Dera Ebele’s Nail Boutique (Franklin Square, NY)

Dera Ebele’s Nail Boutique (Franklin Square, NY)

Dera Ebele’s Nail Boutique is a rapidly growing local startup brand. It emphasizes client care and getting nails ready for any event. The place offers everything from spa, pedicure, and even anti-aging treatments. You can get your nails done no matter what your needs are. From extremely sharp nails featuring exquisite decoration to short and rounded ones for casual events, the technicians at Dera are skilled at all things nails.

4. Sassy Nails & Spa (Avondale)

Sassy Nails & Spa (Avondale)

Sassy Nails & Spa offers the best services for manicures, pedicures, and nails. The staff is well-trained, follows sanitization protocols, and prioritizes client hygiene. This salon provides services like acrylic nails, manicures, pedicures, and additional treatments. These include moisturizing masks, sugar scrubs, and French polish. The place also provides safe manicure, pedicure, and nail design services to children under 11.

5. Simply Panache Male Bar and Pedi Spa (Hampton)

Simply Panache Male Bar and Pedi Spa (Hampton)

This is a black-owned boutique spa and nail bar. It offers nail services, spa, manicures, pedicures, and body massage in a highly relaxing environment. The atmosphere of the place is ripe with alluring aromas and chic décor. The owners of this nail bar are Lakesha Brown-Renfro, Tanecia Willis, and Nzinga Teule-Hekima. They opened the place to give people a much-needed retreat from the daily grind. You can order a spa package and even have your makeup done here for a special occasion. 

6. Poochiez Nails, Atlanta

Poochiez Nails, Atlanta

This black-owned nail salon has been catering to people for over 18 years now. The nail salon is ideal if you want to feel pampered but not break your budget. You can find some highly unique and creative nail designs for people of all ages. This studio has experts who can do everything from abstract nails to colorful ones, bow nails, and classic French manicures. This boutique also has a line of nail art and care items. These include gel tips, top coats, acrylic nail powder, e-file bits, and chromes and pigments.

7. Barry’s Beauty Bar, Brooklyn

Barry’s Beauty Bar, Brooklyn

Barry’s Beauty Bar was founded in 2011. This salon has since then defined the standard of luxury and beauty in New York. It offers a range of beauty enhancement services, nail services being one of them. Some of the key services here include nail art, manicures, and pedicures of various types. Barry, the owner of this nail salon, is also a trainer. He offers four-week courses to budding nail technicians. This nail studio has been serving both blacks and whites dedicatedly for over ten years.

8. A Polished Work Nail Spa Lounge (APW), Arlington

A Polished Work Nail Spa Lounge (APW), Arlington

APW is a black woman-owned business with a team of licensed nail professionals. It provides various services, from n0 chip manicure, collagen treatment for hands, gel overlay, acrylic overlay, and spa pedicure, among other things. The salon regularly hosts pedicure treatment events, spa parties, block parties, game nights, and cocktails and conversations. The nail professionals provide personalized care, catering to the distinct needs of every person. The salon only uses quality products for all the services they offer.

9. Beautiful Sisters Nail Spa, Chicago

Beautiful Sisters Nail Spa, Chicago

Beautiful Sisters Nail Spa is a black family-owned business. It specializes in gel and regular manicures, acrylic nails, and specialty manicures. Besides nail services, the salon also offers eyebrow tint, eyebrow wax, eyebrow lift, and eyelash lift. The spa and its services are designed in a manner that offers a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience to the customer. The spa endeavors to provide everyone with the most gorgeous nails. Walk into Beautiful Nail Spa if you want to get pampered from head to toe.

10. Blessed by Beedy Nails, Los Angeles

Blessed by Beedy Nails, Los Angeles

Blessed by Beady Nails is one of the most happening black-owned nail salons in Los Angeles. Owned by a top celebrity manicurist, Bianca ‘Beedy’ Williams, this nail salon has been featured in Vogue, Nails Magazine, and Rolling Out Magazine. Bianca aims to deliver a personable and uplifting experience to all those who use her services. You can book an acrylic and nail shaping service or an in-person class. The salon is also known for its prompt customer service and immediate appointments.

11. Lotus Nail Lounge & Spa, Brooklyn

Lotus Nail Lounge & Spa, Brooklyn

Lotus Nail Lounge is a full-service black-owned nail salon. It offers various services, such as manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, and gel fill-ins. Kids can also get a manicure here. One of the major characteristics of Lotus Nail Lounge is the highly professional atmosphere. Customers are served in a hygienic and clean place. The staff here is quite friendly and ensures that every person gets a gratifying experience.

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12. Nails by Tiara, Georgia

Nails by Tiara, Georgia

If you want fully customizable nail care and natural nail care treatment, try Nails by Tiara. The owner, Tiara Smith, is a talented nail technician. She specializes in innovative nail treatments. You can get acrylic nails, liquid gel nails, glass nails, or opt for a gel manicure. Tiara has over 25 years of experience as a nail technician. She is well aware of contemporary trends in nail design and has a deep understanding of colors. She gives you nails aligned with your style to help you strike a statement wherever you go!

Concluding Words

Now you know where to get your nails done in the US. These salons provide cutting-edge services and have garnered praise from almost all their customers. They follow the philosophy of offering nothing but the best service. Drive down to one of these parlors and experience a great nail care or art procedure.