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How Many Ounces of Chocolate Chips in a Cup

Baking is a therapeutic activity that is loved by people worldwide. Baking sweet treats has dual benefits. It helps you express yourself creatively while also enjoying a delicious final product. Chocolate chips are a standard ingredient used in many cookies and desserts. However, to have successful results, you must use the correct amount.

Measuring chocolate chips properly will help you benefit from accurate results in baking. Ounces are a common unit through which they are measured. So, knowing how many ounces of chocolate chips are in a cup will prove to be handy for all bakers. Let’s find out all about it below.

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Ounces of Chocolate Chips in One Cup

Ounces of Chocolate Chips in One Cup

You may have seen packages of chocolate chips in the grocery store with ounces as the unit of measurement. Bags containing 12 ounces of chocolate chips are a common sight. But when you get baking, the recipes usually list out cups of chocolate chips. So, how many chips should you take out from that 12 oz bag? Let us get straight to the answer. A cup of chocolate chips equals 6 ounces. So, if you have purchased a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips, it would be equal to two cups. This measurement is based on the weight of the chocolate chips, which is more accurate than measuring them by their volume.

Chocolate Chips Measurements According to Their Size

Chocolate Chips Measurements According to Their Size

Chocolate chips come in varying sizes. Chiefly, there are standard chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, and Jumbo chocolate chips. There are more sizes between them, but we won’t go into that much detail. Here’s a breakdown of how each of them (in ounces) into cups.

1. Standard Chocolate Chips

Cup½ cup ¾ cup1/3 cup¼ cup1 cup
Ounces 2.8 oz4.2 oz2 oz1.5 oz6 oz

2. Mini Chocolate Chips

Cup1 cup½ cup¾ cup1/3 cup¼ cup
Ounces8.5 oz4.2 oz6.4 oz2.8 oz2.1 oz

3. Jumbo Chocolate Chips

Cup1 cup½ cup ¾ cup  1/3 cup¼ cup
Ounces6 oz3 oz4.5 oz2 oz1.8 oz

Chocolate Chips Measurements According to Their Type

Chocolate Chips Measurements According to Their Type

Like sizes, chocolate chips also come in different types. These mainly include semi-sweet chocolate chips, mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, and white-sweet chocolate chips. Here’s a handy guide to convert all these types of chips from cups into ounces.

1. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Cup 1 cup½ cup¾ cup1/3 cup¼ cup
Ounces 6.3 oz3 oz4.8 oz2 oz1.6 oz

2. Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Cup1 cup½ cup¾ cup1/3 cup¼ cup
Ounces6.5 oz3 oz4.5 oz2 oz1.5 oz

3. White-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Cup1 cup ½ cup¾ cup1/3 cup¼ cup
Ounces6 oz2.6 oz4.2 oz2 oz1.4 oz

How to Measure Chocolate Chips?

Chocolate chips can be measured by weight, volume, and count. Let’s find out more about them below.

1. Measuring by Weight

Measuring chocolate chips by weight gives you the most accurate results. There’s a reason you see a digital scale in bakeries. So, although you now know how many ounces of chocolate chips are in a cup, we strongly advise you to get a kitchen scale and measure them for your next baking adventure. It will ensure that you get the right amount of chips and other dry ingredients. Using weight helps you to easily scale your recipes up and down.

Here’s how to use a kitchen scale to measure chocolate chips.

  • Switch on the digital scale. Set it to ounces (oz.).
  • Ensure that the scale is reset to zero.
  • Now, put an empty container on the scale.
  • Pour the chocolate chips into the container till you reach the recommended measurement.
  • The scale will provide you with the weight of the chips in the unit of your choice.
  • If the recipe demands adding more chocolate chips, repeat the process.

2. Measuring by Volume

To measure chocolate chips by volume, you can use cups, or if you require a small amount, teaspoons or tablespoons. Once you have the tools needed to measure them, use the following procedure.

  • Dip your cup into the bag of chocolate chips.
  • Keep filling the cup until it is overflowing.
  • Now, using a knife, sweep the excess chocolate chips from the cup.
  • Perform the same process if you are measuring chocolate chips in a teaspoon or a tablespoon instead of a cup.

Alternatively, you can take a spoon, fill it with chocolate chips, and put it inside the cup. Keep doing it till the cup is filled with the ingredients. Now, sweep off the excess amount.

3. Measuring Chocolate Chips By Count

Finally, we can measure chocolate chips by counting them. This method is actually not for the professional baker. Contrarily, it is perfect for those teaching counting to their little ones! Counting individual chocolate chips is a highly tedious process. Still, if you would like to know how many chips are present in a cup, use the table below.

Cup1 cup½ cup¾ cup1/3 cup¼ cup
Number of Standard Chocolate Chips31116223010680
Cup1 cup½ cup¾ cup 1/3 cup¼ cup
Number of Mini Chocolate Chips18169081362602454

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How To Store Chocolate Chips?

How To Store Chocolate Chips?

Chocolate chips are a dry ingredient. Consequently, they have a longer shelf life. However, you need to be careful after opening a bag. Once the required amount of chips is used for a recipe, put this bag in an airtight container. It should be stored at room temperature. Here, it will easily last for around two to four months. Do not refrigerate or freeze chocolate chips. The moisture will cause discolouration, and they will also smell bad.

Final Words

Baking is an art and science. You need to be precise with the measurements of every ingredient. Chocolate chips give a delectable chocolaty flavour to every sweet treat. Using them in the correct amount will help you get the most out of them. Hopefully, this blog will prove to be a useful guide whenever you need to measure this wonderful ingredient for baking.