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The different types of robots used in industries are configured and designed to be used by robotic specialists. On the contrary, personal robots are devices with human interface and design that are useful for human beings. Personal robots are configured to be personal assistants, home security guards, bedtime storytellers, and other help and assistance at home.

TEMI is a US-based multinational company specializing in developing robots in various fields, including robot as a Service Solution (RaaS), autonomous platforms, Artificial Intelligence or AI-based robots, smart assistants, and cloud-based services. The company maintains its blue-chip customers across the core industries such as technology, enterprises, healthcare, telecom, education, retail, and hospitality. TEMI is the first robot to interact with human beings and provides flawless autonomous navigation, dynamic audio-video experience, and advanced AI-based functioning. It is a personal assistant robot designed and configured to react to voice commands intelligently.

Introducing the Personal Assistant Robot: TEMI

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its involvement in every sector of life, TEMI has become the world’s first, brilliant, mobile personal robot for the home. TEMI has been configured in a way that it can harness your voice commands and, after knowing your preferences, can optimize itself according to your liking. It puts you in the mid of technology within the premises of your home, including smart home devices, online content, and video communications.

This blog has collected and highlighted the points about TEMI robots’ significance and how they affect human lives.

Significance of TEMI

A smartphone device helps you keep updated and connected to your loved ones through audio or video calls. On the other hand, TEMI keeps you in your presence while listening to all your voice commands. It is the world’s first personal robotic platform that is AI-based and is assisted by Amazon’s Alexa. TEMI is your assistant in the office with additional state-of-the-art telepresence. This robotic device can also be used as a store greeter or guide in retail. TEMI can also work as a hotel concierge assisting the guests with more accessible and faster check into hotels than ever before.

This advanced robotic technology, TEMI, is only about 3 feet tall and is packed with an artificial intelligence-based database. TEMI stands for “technology for me,” impacting our visual identity. It is designed ergonomically in a minimalist design and premium quality. The product functions at the highest level of artificial intelligence and technology, still simple and intuitive enough for consumers to use in their homes and offices with only a little instruction.

Significance of TEMI

TEMI is installed with about 10-inch display monitors and 60 sensors to enable flawless autonomous navigation. TEMI is also well equipped with a real-time mapping feature, obstacle avoidance, path planning, and anti-collision mechanism to provide all its users with a phenomenal advanced tech experience. You can interact, learn new languages, and study on different platforms on the big display screen of TEMI. Apart from voice commands, TEMI can also use facial detection and recognition to provide an overall personal experience to all its consumers.

The state-of-the-art video can be shot using a primary and secondary camera, while the omnidirectional digital microphones aid in the audio setup of the robot. The tray in the front of the robot can be used to carry your things around in the house or can even be used to charge your phone. All the functions of TEMI are built on an open Android platform that delivers endless opportunities in education, health, gaming, and entertainment. The robot’s battery life is about 8hrs while it automatically returns to its docking station or charging point once the battery is discharged and recharged. TEMI can be connected with wifi, cellular data (3G/4G signals), and even Bluetooth 4.0. 

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TEMI 3 personal robot is the first step to helping older people in place through advanced technological functions. It provides superior telepresence with customized voice assistance. Hence age-old people don’t feel lonely and segregated. The Follow Mode feature of TEMI can move and follow you throughout the vicinity of your home and give a much more natural experience. The Companion App allows you to check your things at home, such as an open window, or what the maid or children are up to when you are away. The Smart Home Hub feature provides a foundation to monitor security and ensure the safety of the people who stay back at home.


Personal robots, including TEMI, are designed and optimized to make life easy and organized. Technology has been upgraded with artificial intelligence and has defined our lives from an entirely different perspective.