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Industrial Revolution 4.0 is at its peak nowadays. Robotics and artificial intelligence is the future that is framed and being developed for the benefit and growth of humanity. One of the highly demanding branches of engineering called robotics deals with the conceptualizing, designing, construction, operation, application, and use of robots in different areas that can benefit humanity. Robots are designed as automatically operated machines that can fulfill tasks independently, most often accomplished effectively by human beings.

Exploring the Future of Robotics with VEX Go

“Androids” are robots that resemble human beings and are designed to make life easier for human beings. Robots are seen nowadays in different arenas, including healthcare, where the optimized robots assist in surgical procedures, aid in physical therapy, and help patients to get relief from chronic (longer duration) pain syndromes.

Home-based robotic devices like Alexa and Siri are just voice command away that aid in easing your life by reducing your workload. The robotic technology used in manufacturing and logistics is helping industrialists in various tasks like material handling, steel cutting, food packaging, managing warehouse shelves, retrieving goods, and even helping take down deliveries. The self-driving vehicles are upcoming and are ready to take over the market shortly. Automation in the automobile industry is developed to reduce pollution and traffic collisions while on the road, thus reducing the burden of traffic police.

VEX Go is specially designed for school-going children belonging to the age group of approximately 7-10 years. VEX Robotics launched it as an educational tool to inculcate the spirit of advanced technology at the elementary education level. It is designed to introduce young minds to the fundamentals of robotic engineering, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and coding in primary school only. This will upgrade the young minds towards the field of advanced science and technology.

This blog is designed to enhance the knowledge of its readers about VEX Go and its implications in the field of science and technology, including robotics.

How does VEX Go help in building up the future of Robotics?

VEX robotics has introduced VEX Go as an academic coding tool to develop the technology framework in the minds of the younger generation. Coding and artificial intelligence are the future of the technology world. VEX Go is an effort to help young brains know their potential and worth before deciding on their future career. It has a color-coded construction system allows the children to play with the software and build their STEM creations. The robot being developed by these children can now be powered with motors, sensors, and other electronic gadgets to make it more advanced. The young children can also do coding in their robots after building them up physically. This can be done using an easy drag-and-drop method on iPads, Android Tablets, Scratch blocks, or Chromebooks. 

How does VEX Go help in building up the future of Robotics?

This is the right step in enhancing young minds’ knowledge by exposing them to the future of science and technology. As quoted by Jeannie Fulbright, “Give young minds an education that will shine a bright light on their interests, fueling the flame in their heart.” Therefore, give a genuine chance to these young minds to explore different arenas and decide their future according to their interest and potential.

Vex Go Robotics has brought in the reusable Go kit with storage that is also easy to handle and carry. This aids the children in keeping all the parts well organized and properly managed. Vex Go Robotics has designed the tool considering the comfort of young students and their educators. STEM-centric classrooms and labs are the perfect solutions for educators to teach their students about the minor aspects of coding and robotic technology.

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Go classroom bundles are specially designed for educators to start with the teaching and learning experience of the future of technology. Vex Go Bundles can be shared between two to six classrooms throughout the academic session. Vex Robotics has also started with the Vex Go Educator Certification course to give educators an experience packed with fun and learning new things.

Through Vex Go, now young students can learn coding and robotic technology in a more approachable, creative, and inspiring way, as it helps inspire the students to do better at every go. The color-coded parts help better organize things and make a learning experience more fun.


Robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence are the future of building up science and technology. Hence, the children should be made to learn and develop their intent toward this field. After all, the country’s future is in the hands of these young minds.