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Whether you are a manager, an employee, or just someone with high standards, it is essential to have a conversation about how those standards impact others. The article will explore the importance of coaching employees who make mistakes rather than labeling them as incompetent and focusing on what they can’t do instead of what they can. 

High Standards

Everybody has some level of standards for themselves and others. The question is, how do these high standards impact people? For example, if you have a low tolerance for errors made by an employee, it can lead to them feeling demoralized and unable to perform their job correctly. This becomes problematic when the manager’s expectations are not communicated clearly from the outset. To combat this problem, managers should explore what happens in other situations where employees make mistakes but are coached up or given feedback on how they might improve rather than being labeled incapable or incompetent at what they’re doing. 

What comes to mind is an employee who makes mistakes, then the manager labels them as incapable rather than coaching them up. For instance, if a person has high standards for themselves and others, they will want their employees to be working at 100%. Suppose someone on your team does something that doesn’t meet these expectations. In that case, it can lead to resentment or anger directed towards the individual. Everyone else in the office becomes stressed out by this one mistake because of how important it was (or wasn’t) to have been completed correctly. This attitude only contributes further negativity with no way for anyone but yourself to take responsibility or make changes moving forward. 

In contrast, when support is given after a mistake is made, it can lead to renewed energy within the team and better performance overall. Entrepreneur official website also share 3 reasons why you should raise your standards.

Does this mean that not having high standards would make us less productive?

 High Standards

The reality for most people is that they need some level of accountability because, without it, there’s no motivation to perform at their best. When given clear expectations from the start about how mistakes are handled with coaching rather than punishment for failure, this has been shown to positively impact both themselves and their teams/employees overtime—being held accountable by someone who cares does wonders when trying to grow yourself into being something more valuable – especially if you’re someone with high standards.

Work Life balance is an exciting concept. It’s something that everyone strives for, but no one defines what it means. 


It’s important to remember that having a high standard for your employees or team doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be hard on them. You can still encourage and support their growth without being tough. If you feel like the world is always against you, it may be time to evaluate your standards. Take a step back and look at what’s essential in life and ask yourself if these are the things that matter most to you? When we do this work on ourselves, our stress levels will decrease, but our self-esteem will increase too. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious or setting high expectations for oneself; however, when those goals become impossible, something has gone awry. You deserve so much better than that!