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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language”. With a boom in technology and the IT industry, monitoring and tracking even daily activities, including calorie burnout, is made possible just by wearing a pendant, watch, or any other wearable accessories. “Wearables,” more commonly known as wearable technology, is one of the electronic devices that can be worn as an accessory, embedded in clothing, implanted in the human body, or even tattooed on the skin. These wearable gadgets are hands-free devices powered by microprocessors and well-designed for practical uses.

The history of the advent of such ‘wearables’ dates back to the 15th century. Since then, with continuous advancement in this field, the ‘wearables’ have come through a long pathway. Following the same footsteps, Bellabeat has launched wearables designed especially for women under the subcategory known as a leaf.

Innovative Wearables: The Leaf by Bellabot

The leaf is a wearable that can be used as a watch, pendant, bracelet, or as clips that can be buckled with shirts or pants and measure specific health indicators and track the movements and sleep cycle of the one using the device.

This blog has tried to review this electronic device called Leaf by Bellabeat and showcase the significance and the pros and cons of using such a wearable that is specially designed while keeping the needs of women in day-to-day life. 

Significance of Leaf by Bellabeat

A San Francisco-based tech start-up, Bellabeat, has targeted women and launched the leaf device. The wearables are shaped like a leaf and are now available in different color options, including silver and rose gold. The company claims to have sold approximately 40,000 pieces, and the number of sales shows an exponential curve. Like all other electronic devices, the leaf also has an app that gathers all the information obtained through the machine.

“So far, we have collected over 16,000 hours of breathing, 4,352,231 hours of sleep, 11,429,400 hours of activity, and around 180,000,000 period logs generated by our users. This user data lets us improve the firmware of the LEAF and the algorithms behind the LEAF app, allowing us to give personalized insights and customized advice to our users,” says Sandro Mur, Bellabeat CEO, in a press statement.

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A feature of manual switching between different activities, including cycling, running, swimming, yoga, tennis, and other sports activities, gives a much broader outlook of the total calories burnt. As the device by leaf can track breathing cycles during “periods of restless sleep,” the company claims that this “helps the user better understand why such periods occur in the first place.” This ensures appropriate and timely medical assistance to all its users. The company claims its device and app create a “correlation between sleep, activity, breathing, and menstrual cycle, which allows the app to generate customized data-backed advice cards.”

Significance of Leaf by Bellabeat

Among the various features that leaf offers to its customers, a few are mentioned below:

  • Track the daily activity while measuring daily movement, calories burnt, and other activities. It lets its users set goals according to the needs and type of health management regime they want to follow. 
  • Leaf maintains track of your sleep cycle, including total sleep hours, percentage, and light and deep sleep quality.
  • The leaf maintains a complete track record of the menstrual cycle. It also aids in monitoring the women’s reproductive health, including identifying the ovulation cycle.
  • The breathing exercises help in reducing stress levels in human beings. Leaf aids in keeping track of the breathing cycle in women and helps them maintain their stress levels.
  • With Leaf devices, you can easily set your morning alarm and put reminders for taking your pills, buy tampons, or other such accessories.

The company has launched these smart wearables with beautiful designs to make women wear them as part of their accessories or jewelry and feel like they are becoming a superwoman. The tech company, known as Bellabeat, has now made the wearables look handy and attractive while tracking down all your activities.  


Electronic wearables had started as ugly and clunky things, but with the change of time, these electronic devices have now come up with more attractive looks and better AI (artificial intelligence) recognition and optimization. The needs of the women are such that they require a little more attention to track their daily regimes. The wearables by leaf have provided a chance to maintain and track activities and help women better understand their health.