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What is Mind-Body-Spirit Integration?

The holistic approach or mind-body-spirit integration helps achieve optimal health if balanced and integrated into a proper channel. Mind, body, and spirit are all interdependent, and the disturbance occurring in one can be realized in the other. For example, if you are feeling physically ill with a fever or headache, you will start feeling low and stressed and won’t be able to concentrate on your daily routine work and other things.

What is Mind-Body-Spirit Integration?

According to Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, mind, body, and spirit are integrated to connect them to the energy present in the universe, called as Trivedi effect. This effect has been globally verified and accepted by over 4000 scientific studies. The body includes different physical organs and tissues, including nerves and nervous system, bones, muscles, and several other tissues and cells; the mind is a synonym for thoughtfulness, purpose, and enlightenment, while the spirit includes our subconscious beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and emotions, and also the way of thinking, and reasoning consciously.

The harmony between all three, i.e., mind, body, and spirit, is manifested using self-awareness, realizing life’s real purpose and essence, increased consciousness, and a profound connection and attachment to God. When a person experiences such things, they are bound to experience a sense of peace both inside (mental stability) and the outside environment and tranquillity. The person becomes physically, mentally, and psychologically much more happy and more content than ever.     

How can you integrate Mind-Body-Spirit?

“Health is Wealth” is a famous saying known to all. If you are healthy enough to work longer, you can earn more money for yourself and your family. But does health mean only physical health? The answer is a big No.

Being physically fit with no general health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, and others, along with a sound mind and great consciousness, is required to live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Studies have proved that people who work on their spiritual awareness are the ones who are comparatively much stronger mentally than others. How can you make all three healthy along with their beneficial integration? The description of this question is elaborated in the following part of the blog.

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First comes the body, which can be physically healthy by following a healthy dietary routine and exercise regime. A well nutritious diet including vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and others that can be achieved through different fruits and vegetables, eggs, and grounded meat, including chicken, mutton, beef, and others, is essentially required to keep the body healthy and fit from the inside. In contrast, the body build can be maintained through intense physical exercises, including dancing, cycling, swimming, athletic activities, yoga, etc., as a part of the daily routine regime. Also, a proper sleep cycle and rest falls are extremely useful in achieving physical strength.

“A healthy mind breeds a healthy body” is a well-known saying that stands true in every situation. Try to be gentle with your mind and thoughts, not for others but for your self-satisfaction and peace. Physical exercise helps keep your body healthy, while meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises keep your mind healthy and infilled with positive energy and thoughts. It’s all in the sense that stands true as how we think so we react is a universal truth. Our mind and tongue control should be in our hands to remain content throughout our life.

How can you integrate Mind-Body-Spirit?

Spiritual awareness is a sense of knowing oneself from the inner depth. If you have found out the real purpose of your life, much of your unnecessary burden will go off, leaving you feather-light from the inside. The emotional burden holds you back in the past and affects your mind and body negatively. So, try to achieve this spiritual awakening through the daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Hence, a balanced integration of mind-body-spirit provides holistic healing that keeps the person healthy from the outside and the inside. Medications are necessary to treat the illness, but a completely healthy person is the only one who is physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial.    


Holistic healing or body-mind-spirit interaction focuses on treating the root cause of the disease and not just managing the signs and symptoms of the disease. The balance of the three, i.e., mind-body-spirit, relaxes the body and decreases the level of stress, anxiety, and depression in the person. It also helps build the body’s nervous and immune systems, is much more robust, and inculcates natural healing abilities inside the body.