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Traveling and immigration history have opened up the gates for different cultures, communities, ethnicities, and most importantly, different types of food and cuisines. It is rightly said that to know about someone’s culture, you should first taste their food. When the different cultures and ethnic groups from other parts of the world meet, it helps to broaden the knowledge of various spices, condiments, cooking, and food habits according to their geographical location. If Europeans hadn’t migrated to the United States, then people in the United States would have been eating only oysters and beef scrap even to date. The rich aura of spices and condiments was introduced in the European countries by the Indians. This exchange of rich cultural heritage from different parts of the world has always helped discretely blend customs.

Cooking Up an International Feast

Food is an excellent prism through which one can view the way of living. International cuisines have played a role in uniting people living poles apart. World Refugee Day has shown us how food can be a powerful tool and win the hearts of local people. From the war zone countries, including Syria and Somalia, many local populations, including their great chefs, have fled to different countries, made food the tool for their survival, and formed their place in the minds and hearts of the very new place. 

Cooking up some International Feast

“The belly rules the mind” is a famous quote that applies to one and all. Good quality food helps keep you healthy and energetic, calms your mind, and increases your focus. Some of the international cuisines that have attained worldwide popularity include:

  • Spiced Beef: The Irish people had brought the recipe to the United States at the time of their immigration. The beef is coated with brown sugar and refrigerated for about 24 hrs. Afterward, the beef is cooked with chopped onions, carrots, celery, other veggies, spices, and condiments. This Irish dish is palatable to the tongue and is now liked by many across the United States.
  • Crispy fish and chips: Fish and fries are dishes that are loved by people belonging to different age groups around the world. The steak fries are baked in an oven and are served hot along with salmon fish. It appeals to the taste buds and is stomach-filling too.
Crispy fish and chips
  • Dumplings: The dumplings are made of all-purpose flour that can be filled with the stuffing of your choice, be it chicken, beef, veggies, potato, or cottage cheese. The food is eaten baked, steamed, or fried and is loved by people of all age groups belonging to different cultures and ethnicities.
  • Cake: The various types of cakes are available in different regions around the world. The apple pie cake, plum cake, chocolate, and pineapple cake are some of the favorites that have no second choice for anyone. The cakes are baked dishes and are internationally admired dishes.
  • Pasta: Pasta is an Italian dish that has paved the way to one of the favorites of international cuisines. Boiled pasta dipped in a red and white sauce along with beef, or chicken looks tempting and mouth-watering to children and adults.
  • Sandwiches: Chicken, beef, shrimp, egg, or vegetable sandwiches are easy-to-go, healthy, tempting, and delicious dishes liked by one and all. The crustier the bread is, the luscious the sandwich is. The stuffing, topped with a slice of cheese given in between the two loaves of bread, varies according to the choice of the person consuming it. The name sandwich was adopted only in the 18th century and is now eaten worldwide with a filling per your comfort and likeliness.


Food has always been a means of survival, but for some, it has become a livelihood. Different stalls, cafes, restaurants, and hotels serve various dishes that appeal to guests. Some international cuisines like sandwiches, eggs, pasta, chicken, and others are liked by people from different cultures, ethnic groups, and geographical locations.

A delicious food that is healthy and rich in nutrients and vitamins is the icing on the cake. Cooking is an art and acts as a therapy for many. Every cultural group has its taste and type of food, and some of the international recipes are appreciated by people worldwide. Good food means a good life. So, keep eating different delicacies around the corner of the world. I hope you find the blog helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below.