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Unreasonable customer requests can take many forms. They might ask for discounts on a product or service that you don’t offer, return an item after it has been used, demand certain products and services provided, etc. In other words: they want things to go their way even though the business will not benefit from such requests. 

How to handle unreasonable customer requests?

For those that will negatively affect your bottom line: It is crucial to keep customers happy and come back for more depending on the service or product you provide. But there are times when a customer’s request could hurt your business’s overall performance.

How to handle unreasonable customer requests?

The first thing you want to do is determine whether this request can feasibly be made within reason by asking simple questions: Is this something we already do? If not, how much time/money would it take to implement these changes? What kind of effect might these changes have on our current customers if they were made? Would other customers find these changes favorable enough to stay loyal long term (i.e., by paying more for the same service/product)?

  1. If it can be done within reason and would not harm other customers, go ahead with implementing whatever changes need to be made! However, if, after all of this time, you still feel as though your business could potentially suffer due to these changes – tell the customer that while their request is very much appreciated, at this point, they will not be able to accommodate them.
  2. If they’re calling in to the business: Remaining calm while talking on the phone will help diffuse the situation. Please don’t give away too much information right off top but let them know that you’ll try to resolve whatever issue they might be experiencing as quickly as possible. Let them know what department they need to speak with if there is a specific person they need to contact.
  3. If the situation escalates and you need to ask them to leave, remaining calm while asking them politely if they could please step outside is essential for keeping your business safe and preventing any further confrontation on either end of this scenario. 

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How can you push back or create an architecture against these requests? 

Unreasonable Customer Requests

It would be best to consider creating company policies on how staff members handle special treatment, emphasizing facts than emotions when dealing with complaints or issues, and having an expert (such as HR) involved in decision-making so that the matter is handled appropriately. The team behind pushing back against unreasonable customer requests must be strong because a disgruntled customer may leave negative feedback. If this happens and you want them gone from your business. share your side of the story publicly or privately through mediation. Apart from this you can also use these 8 remarkably effective ways to cope with an unreasonable customer.