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Change management is a process of overseeing and facilitating changes at any level. The management team is framed to decide the exact situation and ways of addressing the changes and develop the plans and processes to handle them, and apply them in the best possible ways to execute them well.

According to the BNET business directory, change management is “the coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to situation B to achieve lasting change within an organization.” Also, the Change Management Learning Center defines it as “the process, tools, and techniques to manage the people-side of business change to achieve the required business outcome, and to realize that business change effectively within the social infrastructure of the workplace.”

Navigating Change with Prosci: A Guide to Effective Change Management

Change management helps you assess the situations and align the efforts and resources to manage the changes effectively. Successful change management in an organization is achieved firstly by creating an optimistic environment to engage and enable the organization to embrace the changes in managing the situations in the company or organization. Any change that has been implemented should be sustainable and has a positive impact on the team members.

The management and leaders of the organization should understand that change is a dynamic process. Therefore, regular reviews from the team members should be taken and assessed efficaciously. Prosci is a change management firm that helps individuals, institutions, or organizations build their change management capabilities. This blog has been designed to highlight specific points and navigate the changes implemented through Prosci.

How does Prosci affect Change Management?

Jeff Hiatt, a former Bell Labs engineer and program manager, founded the company in 1994 named Prosci. It works as a business consulting company that carved out a niche in change management and facilitated those changes valuably.

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Prosci works systematically and holistically by approaching and inspiring individuals or organizations to embrace the changes and realize the benefits of changes in their methodology and day-to-day tasks. The company has broadly developed two fundamental models based on the level at which the deal has to be made.

  • At the personal level: Prosci’s model personal front is based on ADKAR, an acronym for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement. An effective change can only be made once the people or an individual is fully aware and has an inner desire to know things and adopt the changes. Next comes the knowledge about the change that has to be done, and finally, developing the ability to reinforce such changes at managerial or higher levels falls to be an essential part.
  • At the organizational level: Prosci has developed a change management strategy at the organization front that has been realized in three broad phases.
    1. Prepare Approach
    2. Manage Changes
    3. Sustain Outcomes
  • PCT model: This model by Prosci is simple to use but is an effective way to establish and connect the most crucial aspect of any effort that is redirected to bring change.

Both the models by Prosci are based on the research by their team from about 3000 different institutions and organizations worldwide. Several tools, templates, and checklists have been framed by Prosci that has helped the company develop the Change Management Strategy, decide the plan of action, and ultimately evaluate the overall progress after the change has been implemented. In due course, Prosci has made its position and now is the first choice among at least 80% of the Fortune 100 companies. The methodology by Prosci is a well-structured, adaptable, and repeatable approach that helps individuals move through the situations embraced in their organization. 

How does Prosci affect Change Management?

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, Prosci has also developed five Tenets of Change Management through which they can prove to the people in high managerial posts or the senior leaders thereof the usefulness of implementing the plans and schemes to them. These five Tenets are included:

  • We change for a reason
  • Organizational change requires an individual change
  • Organizational outcomes are the collective result of personal change
  • Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change
  • We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change     

Consistent change is an essential requisite to achieve success. Prosci has been working day and night for about 25 years and has conducted in-depth research on how to bring change, and every individual accepts that change wholeheartedly.


The certifications for change management given by Prosci are well known as a measure of their knowledge in this industry. The company pioneered the scientific approach to change management plans and strategy. After weighing the pros and cons at your end, the individual or organization can always take help from Prosci to adapt to the changes in their company.